Irasshaimase (Welcome) to the Hyper Japan Festival July 2016 Part 2

Here’s the second installment of our visit to the Hyper Japan Festival 2016. As always the festival was full of Maneki Neko welcoming everybody to the event…

This maneki neko with it’s left paw up is beckoning visitors to the event

Over at the Japanya stall, there were cats of every size shape and colour.

And even some masquerading as other animals like red and green frogs;


Offering something more contemporary and just as quirky was Little Moose‘s stall.  Their purple acrylic Cheshire cat collection caught my eye. That’s my sister-in-law’s Christmas present sorted 🙂

And if your favourite kitties are black like Nubia then you’re in luck as you can adorn yourself with these little trinkets. Sadly my big fingers wouldn’t fit in the rings 🙁

If you prefer something in more traditional materials, there were still plenty of cats featured.

Sticking with the feline connection but more wild, Little Moose also have a collection featuring the big cats as both jewelry, bags and wallets;

Now I wonder what my colleagues would say if I walked into work with one of these bags!? They already know I’m “cat mad” so they probably would’t bat an eye 🙂

I think it’s time for some more cuteness and it sure wasn’t in short supply at this event. This next slice of cuddly cat cuteness was provided by Charming Sushi. As you can see, it seems that the cat boom has reached everywhere. Sadly it looks like all these items feature cats were part of a limited edition only available at the Hyper Japan Festival so you may not see them on their website.

As if cat jewelry and cuddly cute toys wasn’t enough we spotted some cat socks hanging around upside down just like Nubesy. I don’t think my size 10 feet would fit in them but I’m sure if they did they’d look great with my suit at work 🙂

Cats, cats and more cats!! I wish we could take them all home. Could you imagine having to dust them all though? 🙂

With the Maneki neko, the different colours signify different things; white brings good luck, pink brings love, red brings good health and purple brings good opportunities.

And even more cats!! By this point we were starting to run out of memory card space for our cameras!! 🙂

If you want to see your friends’ faces full of envy when you pull out your phone then maybe you need one of these custom covers by Suga Dust. Amongst all the hand made pieces we spotted a famous feline, Hello Kitty!!

And what’s Hyper Japan without our friends at Genki Gear  with their range of t-shirts including our favourite Mr Tinky, destroyed of worlds and the Attack Kittens, plus a new line of designs, it’s time to update your collection;


One of them summed it all up for us;


That’s all from us this time.  Look out for our post on this year’s Hyper Japan Christmas Market which is being held in a few months time.  Another good reason to come and visit London 🙂



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23 thoughts on “Irasshaimase (Welcome) to the Hyper Japan Festival July 2016 Part 2

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  2. Daisy in the Willows says:

    It is so awesome to see people celebrating cats in such a big way. I always thought the cat paw waving ornament was a good luck sign. I have seen it in nail bars – I now know it is a welcome sign. You learn something new every day. Looks like you are in Utopia!

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