Summertime Flowers with Angel


I know some of you might know I Love, Love to smell flowers. . Dad thinks my nickname should be Flower because I love Flowers so much , but Don’t worry I never ever lick or eat flowers. Yuck…


Sometimes we just have to stop from our busy lives and take a moment to smell some beautiful flowers it can help destress your day and give you strength.


Even if you have to pretend it smells good…purr…


Just remember to enjoy what ever you are doing and even stop and pet a cat because we love it besides I can bet it will make you Smile because it makes me purr……


Sniff… Sniff…

Thanks for reading and see you here again next week! 🙂 Meanwhile don’t forget to sign-up for the Katzenworld Newsletter.



47 thoughts on “Summertime Flowers with Angel

  1. Lovely photos, Angel’s Eyes. 🐱 Both my girls used to sniff flowers, but if they were carnations Kara would then bite their heads off, not to eat them just to decapitate them!

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  2. Double the pleasure, beautiful cat with beautiful flowers. I am petting Mi Sun right now, she says good work telling people to pet a cat. Enjoy you flowers Angel.

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    1. It’s not hard to get her to wear a bow if you continue to put one on they get used to anything but don’t leave it on all day just an half hour or less until they get used to the bow. She has learned how to take it off when she is ready to nap.

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