Your Friday Art Cat Has Been Abducted

Cat being abducted by aliens.

I should have been paying attention to the dark skies last Saturday because July 2nd is World UFO Day, an annual event that inspires the curious to search for all things extraterrestrial. Even before the incident at Roswell, people have questioned unusual sightings of orbs, lights, and flying objects, made arguments for intelligent, other-worldly life, and wondered if we are, indeed, alone in the universe. These occurrences continue to frighten and inspire. The most recent interplanetary traffic updates can be viewed at UFO Sightings Daily. (Who knew?!)

Cat being abducted by aliens.
Another good reason to keep your cats inside at night.

As it turns out, Your Friday Art Cat has some first hand experience with our E.T. neighbors. Don’t worry, she was returned unscathed. And, in true feline fashion, remained tight-lipped about the details of her adventures in space. If only her abductors had loaned her a translator so we could get the full story.

Hope you had a happy World UFO Day! Live Long and Prospurr!

I love art and cats! My blog, Art is Not for Sissies, is about my obsessions with both. I live with three cats, Lucy, Vera, and Miss Bean, who help me with drawing, painting, book arts, and costuming. We’d appreciate it if you’d stop by. Thanks, much!

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27 thoughts on “Your Friday Art Cat Has Been Abducted

  1. 49lilykatz says:

    I knew they were aliens many moons ago. I call it “kitty mind control” when I go to work to earn dollars for their kitty litter, cat food, treats and nip, and they stay home on the couch! Truly a superior life form.

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