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Hello again nice to see all of you…

I have a big secret that I have been holding on to for awhile now, but I’m ready to let the cat out of the bag! It’s a new product that is Pawsome for us cats and dogs by Whiskers Crafts. I hope you are ready because I can not hold this secret in a minute longer… Purr…

20160530_102605.pngI’m so excited that I’m jumping of joy… First off I want to tell you about Whiskers Crafts. They make bibs collars and bow ties and they are made in a variety of colors with a Fabric Reversible Bib Collar that Snaps so that it makes it easy to put on and take off. The other side you can see in the below photo..

20160521_122949.png Here is the “Minnie Mouse and Stars” Bandana for Cats or Dogs ~ Fabric Reversible Bib Collar ~ Snap Collar that is so sweet….

20160608_111525.pngThis one is the “Flowers on Grey” Bandana for Cats or Dogs ~ Fabric Reversible Bib Collar ~ Snap Collar . purr….


I think these are great for us cats who have long hair or a dogs with a beard and not just to make a fashion statement. It can help keep our chin hairs from getting in our food and water. They are made of cotton and washable and don’t loose their shape. This could be a great answer to keep our chins clean.


Whiskers Crafts have put their heart into making every single one of the bibs and bow ties. They even come in a sweet packaging that can be reused to put them away for another time. I do recommend to go to their Etsy store and look at all the different fabrics that are available just follow the link below…. besides you may want to also stop by Luigi the Lion facebook page his mom makes these beautiful bibs collars and bows..

Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/WhiskersCrafts?ref=hdr_shop_menu

Facebook (Luigi): https://www.facebook.com/LuigiTheLionCat/

Facebook (WhiskersCrafts):  https://www.facebook.com/WhiskersCrafts

wpid-20151122_100342.pngThank you for stopping by , but Don’t forget to leave me a message I love to hear from all of you..


Angel’s Eyes-Persian

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Angel has a big personality with a big heart. She was born September 24, 2013 in Chicago. She is very smart and learns anything by showing her once. She has won 12 photos contest and also has done advertising for pet tags for A Pets Life. She will play with any toy and would make a great product tester for toys.


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33 thoughts on “Whiskers Crafts Staring Angel’s Eyes

  1. A lovely review Angel. I also love the photos! I will have to go and have a look on their FB page!
    Well done. Xxxxxxx

  2. A very nice review and a great modeling job Angel. They would make great gift items for the holidays, something a little different. All myfriends are pet people.

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