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Hello again,

I’m very excited to share a new cat product called a Vesper V-High Lounger ,but before I tell you about it I wanted to give you some information on us Cats. You may think we may not like some cat furniture or beds but it’s all about location for us cats. Some cats love to by a window and some others might want a dark quiet space to nap. I suggest to move in different parts of your house for a couple of days each and sit back a watch what we like or don’t like. Sometimes it takes a few weeks so just have some patients. I think it is important information to have as a cat owner. Now let me get back to telling you about this Pawsome Vester V-High Lounger.


I received this huge box from Vesper and I got so excited that I couldn’t wait to see what was in it. Purr…


Once Mom and dad put it together and boy it only took a few minutes to put it together. The V-High Lounger is Futuristic and elegant – this is the best description for the extraordinary shape of the V-HIGH LOUNGE. Made of poplar wood, this contemporary piece of scratching furniture is a unique observation deck and place to rest. It has a Oval cave with observation opening and a replaceable sisal scratching mat that Velcro . It also has a soft memory foam cushion and soft white faux fur.


I couldn’t wait to get started to explore to see what I can do on the lounger.


I jump inside and on top of it and climb all around it like I was a monkey.


I even tried the scratching part on it and all I can say is… Purr, Purr.


I bet you can guess that I played Peek a boo too on it…


Hello down there….. The V-High lounge is 96 cm high and the Base is 70 x 50 cm


Location is the answer to get your cat to love one of these because I’m pretty picky and I love watching the birds out the window so Mom sometimes spoils me and puts it by the front door where all the bird action is so I can do some bird watching on it and it is Purrfeect! Its light enough to pick it up and move even out on the deck to enjoy some outside time.


Okay, I might be a little spoiled but why not? If you would like to see more information on the Vesper V-High Lounger or more products by Vesper you can follow the link below, but before you go and enjoyed my review leave me message I would love to chat. Meow….

Website    –   http://usa.hagen.com/Cat/Scratchers-and-Furniture/Scratching-Furniture/52054

See you again Same time next week,

Angel’s Eyes-Persian

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10 thoughts on “Location, Location, Location

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  2. Denise Sanders says:

    That looks fab-u-lous!! It is the sort of thing that Bluebell would like too! I know Mom spoils you – I spoil Bluebell – but that’s what us Mom’s are like!! I loved the review and especially the photos! Well done Angel!! You are a star! Xxxxxxx

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