Sleepy Sampson

Do black cats like sunbathing more than their colourful friends? Do you think anyone has ever done a study on that?

It seems to strange that we find Sampson sunbathing, or dozing in a puddle of sunlight, more often than the other cats. I seem to recall my other black cats being particularly partial to sunlight too.

Oh sure, the ginger cats and the tabby cats, the tortoiseshells and everything in between, they liked the sunlight too. But in my experience it seems like black cats are the quickest to take advantage of the sunbeams, and do so for longest.

Sleepy Sampson 2
Sometimes I’ll go to stroke Sampson when he’s been laying in the sun, and he seems so unbelievably warm! I wonder how he can handle getting so hot. Wouldn’t the black fur be a reason to stay out of the sun, to keep from overheating?

Perhaps these are just the ramblings of an overtired mind. (What a long work week! And so much to do to get ready for our big move in the summer.) But as a cat owner, sometimes one has to ask these important questions.


Lady Joyful

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31 thoughts on “Sleepy Sampson

  1. I think they do. At least our black cat likes the sun more than her tortoiseshell sister. And sometimes it seems as if she will be resting comfortably, but wiggle her way so that she is in the sun. I am always asking her how she does that and how she doesn’t get too hot!

    I thought I had read something somewhere about them like the sun more, too, so I keep saying to myself, “Oh yeah, I read that somewhere.”

      1. Uh . . . I can’t attest to that (you not being crazy 😉 ). If I find out any info about why, I’ll let you know. I know that they can turn brown. And their white hairs are called “smoke” – just learned that one.

    1. Oh yes, one of my old black cats, Sacher, looked almost like a deep chocolate brown tabby in the sunlight. Hence his name – Sacher like the deliciously chocolatey Sachertorte! Thanks for commenting 🙂

  2. My black cat enjoys the sun more than his gray counterparts, but they gray ones love laying in front of the fireplace more than him again.. cats are odd!

  3. It is true that white cats can get sunburned, so maybe cats that are black all over are more protected from the sun? Maybe it’s instinctive?

  4. On hot days — 80s and up — my black cat finds the backyard shadows until the sun has moved enough for the house to shadow the backyard. Then he comes out and sprawls on his back, his legs splayed, a furry black puddle of slumber in the grass.

    1. Our cats are indoor cats (well, they sometimes go on the balcony, but that’s glassed) so the sunbathing is indoors for them too. Maybe your cat prefers sunbathing indoors because then there is no windchill 😀 Thanks for commenting!

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