“Eat, Paint, Meow”

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I’m happy to see you and Welcome if you are new. I have some exciting products that I think you might just fall in love with.

Salvador Kitti has sent us an amazing Messenger bag and detachable charm that is amazing and you will think it’s just as amazing too after I tell you how they make this….SS


Amy Salvador Story

Amy found a pregnant stray cat at work one evening and brought her home.  Because of her colorful spots, she named her Pinta, meaning to paint in Spanish.  It would prove to be a well-chosen name.  Pinta gave birth to five kittens in Amy’s art studio with Amy by her side the whole nine hours. Kitten number two was special from the beginning. She named him Salvador.  He was the first of the litter to walk, eat, open his eyes, and notice all of Amy’s paintings.  He would walk over to them and sit and stare, like he was studying them. Soon Salvador became a painter.  He put his paws into the paint and walked on the canvas.  Salvador and mama Pinta live with Amy’s family in Atlanta

Salvador Kitti was founded  by Atlanta artist Amy Pugh. The real Salvador was born in her art studio.  Salvador crawled in her lap as she worked and put his paws in the paint. Amy and Salvador’s love of painting inspired her to start a line of animal friendly gifts, accessories, watches, Holiday ornaments and clothing. Amy uses images of her original works in a dynamic range of products. There tag line is “Eat, Paint, Meow”.  That is what they do best. They care deeply about the environment and our surroundings. They are a green company that is family-owned and operated.  Amy only print on recycled paper.  They have three passions in life:  art, animals, and the environment.


Salvador Kitti even makes sure every detail is Purrfect! Look at this Charm on the back it has there company name engraved on the back.


Here’s the front of the charm we received with Amy Pugh art in it. The art she does is so lifelike and the colors are amazing. They have every kind of bag you could want besides umbrellas with wild animal art on it too. You could have art go with you wherever you go instead of hanging it on a wall in your home.


What? I can’t believe this tiger got painted on a bag and I didn’t! Oh Well,  Um… Maybe next time….

Salvador Kitti products are gorgeous and amazing and they are very well made.  I would definitely buy their products and they would make great gifts too. I would recommend for you to go see their website to see all the amazing art and products because they are so amazing and beautiful.

Artist Bio

Amy Pugh was born in Atlanta, GA. She began her career in art early on. She was sketching her stuffed animals before she could talk.  She followed her gift all through high school and on the first day of class at Georgia State University, she learned of the unexpected death her father. She took this time to explore all avenues of artful expression and fell in love with the free spirit of art.  She chose to avoid the conventional ways of  studying art and approached her gifts on her own terms. These heart felt emotions, coupled with an innate curiosity of animals, has created the artist she is today.

Website     –     www.salvadorkitti.com

Facebook   –   https://www.facebook.com/salvadorkittipage

Twitter       –   https://twitter.com/SalvadorKitti

Instagram –   https://www.instagram.com/salvador_kitti

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and seeing what new products I have to share with you. I love to read what you thought so don’t forget to leave me a message.

See you again soon,


Angel’s Eyes-Persian

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  3. Denise Sanders says:

    What a wonderful company. I love that charm! It’s so cute – just like you Angel! I liked your review this week. It was very informative! Well done! Xxxxxxxxxxxx

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