Igloo Pet Carrier and Litter Tray 2-in-1

Introducing a new kitten to the home is tricky – not least because you need two of everything! This will avoid confrontation over resources, and plain old jealousy. When it comes to litter trays it is advisable to have 1 per cat + 1. In my case that makes three! As anyone living in London will know – space in small London flats is at a premium – so I love the idea of a cat carrier and litter tray all in one.

Igloo Pets sent me a gorgeous igloo litter tray and carrier in one to review, which does just that. Firstly the igloo is a great size – my cats love to bury and dig in there, size in this case matters! Secondly the carbon filter top is a must (nobody needs to smell that!)

The door has a detachable screen for when you use it as a carrier, a very sturdy set of clips, and the best bit… the disposable cardboard eco-liners which you can fill with litter inside, and mean it’s very easy to clean.


As you can see from the pictures below, my cats Dexter and Floki absolutely loved it, and were both super intrigued by its shape.

Peek a boo!
Peek a boo!
No, that's my litter!
No, that’s my litter!

I used the Igloo carrier/loo with the Igloo snow pet litter, the crystal clean and deodoriser sprays and I love knowing that not only do my kitties have less competition for their loo time, but also the whole process is as hygienic as it possibly could be. Looking for more traditional cat carriers? Why not check out these top cat carriers for travelling with your cat.

CrystalClean-320x320 IceFreshDeodoriser-320x320 IglooSnowLitter-320x320

The Igloo range can be viewed at www.igloopets.co.uk. The all in one carrier/loo is priced at £38, and the sprays and litter accessories start from £3.99

Verdict: A real space saving, yet stylish 9 /10

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