The Dreaded V-E-T

The Dreaded V-E-T

A couple of weeks ago we took our cats to the vets. All three of them, at the same time. That was quite an undertaking!

We don’t have our own car so we borrowed a van from one of the families I work for. For that reason it made sense to do all the vet related things in one go whilst we had the vehicle available.

For the boys the vet visit was pretty straightforward. Sampson needed a vaccination ready for when they’ll be boarded in July. (The other two are already up to date on all theirs.)

Elvis needed a blood test. We’re monitoring levels related to his kidneys as he’s quite old, and a previous test showed the particular level in question to be borderline. Results showed a slight improvement though we still need to monitor it.

Actually doing the blood test was slightly problematic. The nurses decided the best way to go about it would be to wrap him in a towel, have one of them hold on to him and the other try to take the blood. He didn’t like that much. The second attempt had husband cuddling Elvis whilst the nurses took the blood. No towel involved. That went far better.

Lola was a little more complicated as she had to go in for teeth cleaning. She has had problems with her teeth all her life. She does not like going to the vet, and whilst the boys will get loud and complain about being in their carriers, she just shrinks into the back of hers and makes herself as small and quiet as possible.

Lola and Elvis both had lovely bandages on their legs after the vet trip. Elvis actually had two, both in pink, and Lola’s was green. They both greatly disapproved of the bandages, and Elvis very quickly removed his. Lola was a bit slower about it but did get it off before too long.

The Dreaded V-E-T 6
Whilst none of the cats were very happy about the vet trip, they did settle down again very quickly once they were home. It’s nice that they didn’t hate us for very long!


Lady Joyful

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32 thoughts on “The Dreaded V-E-T

  1. franhunne4u says:

    Well, I always try to show some empathy when I have to take mine to the vet: They are so small, don’t know what is coming to them which makes them panicking, they are confined to a place they cannot really hide in, they will be taken out of this place and prodded and something will be stuck up their backsides, some other inspections will go on – of course they are traumatised!

    • Lady Joyful says:

      I completely agree! It’s definitely not a fun experience for them, and I can well imagine how intimidating it must be when they don’t know where they are going, what will happen, etc. Thanks for commenting.

  2. crystaleagle24 says:

    Kara was fine at vets, even when she needed an abscess glanced she just let them get on with it. MM on the other hand, well she was good until we entered surgery from waiting room, then she’d wedge herself in the back of her basket, hissing, spitting, growling, screeching…… Tipping basket wouldn’t dislodge her, only way vet could get her out, believe me we tried all other ways, was to wrap his arm in a bath towel, reach in grab, get her onto the table, she was still hissing, spitting etc. Give her her vaccinations, let go and she’d be back in the basket, wedged at the back. Normally followed by the comment:- ‘There’s plenty of life in that one!’ Back in the waiting room she’d look all innocent and leave everyone wondering what the hell had gone on in the surgery.

  3. elizabetcetera says:

    Wow, Lola & Elvis look like they’re in a gang! A cat gang. Better watch out! I’ve heard cat gangs have biting fangs and slashing claws … or so the rumor says!

    Anyway, wishing health to all of your three little furbears. <3

    In the meantime, here's video for fun (you can watch it with the volume low or off if the song's too annoying … but the kitties pictured are PAWSOME!):

  4. dayphoto says:

    My ancient Sam (he is 16) doesn’t mind the vet. My other Monkey (11) does everything she can to NOT GO. EVER!

    I’m glad yours went fairly well.

    (We are glad you got those awful things off…hateful sticky stuff. Monkey and Sam)


    • Lady Joyful says:

      Yeah, it just goes to show that every cat is different 🙂 I’m glad it went well too. (And yup, they were very happy to have them off!) Thanks for commenting 🙂

  5. itsathought2 says:

    After an exhausting attempt at taking mine as a group (including the dog), I gave it up. (but I wasn’t constrained by transportation) But then I met a new problem. The cat returning from the vet smelled like the vet and the other cat would spit at the poor traumatized cat, adding insult to recent trauma.

  6. greg-in-washington says:

    I woule enjoy taking my four all at the same time to get it over with, but it never happens. I am lucky if I can get two in on a visit. Getting put in a carrier and driven in the car never ends at a happy destination, except on the trip home. They always are happy on that second ride, as they always know they are going home.

    • Lady Joyful says:

      It can definitely be troublesome. I was actually surprised how smoothly the whole process went! Our aren’t clever enough to realise the second trip is going home 😉 The boys still yell, and Lola still hides. They cheer up quickly once they get inside though! Thanks for commenting.

  7. pilch92 says:

    I don’t think I have ever known of a cat that liked going to the vet. I am glad they are all doing well.

    • Lady Joyful says:

      I can’t say I have either! I know dogs that do, and actually vets go out of there way to make it “fun” for dogs (puppy parties to introduce them to the location at a young age, treats every visit, etc.) Maybe cats should be allowed fun vet visits too! Thanks for commenting 🙂

  8. francefougere says:

    Hope they quite recover !
    The only difficulty with my lovely pussy cat, aged nearly 4 only, and so sweet is : brushing ! at home – she HATES § and she is a persian very long-haired… Help ! 🙂

    • Lady Joyful says:

      They are all fully recovered now 🙂
      Oh gosh, yes brushing is a whole ‘nother kettle of fish! I had a long haired cat back in England that didn’t exactly not like being brushed, he just preferred to grab onto the brush with teeth and claws (like a toy) than actually be brushed with it. Thanks for commenting!

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