Your Dancing Friday Art Cat

Hooray! It’s Friday, fellow Katzies. And that means it’s time to celebrate the weekend with some disco dancing. If you want some righteous beats to accompany your Friday Art Cat, check out Disco Meow Mix.  Otherwise, I hope you relax and enjoy your weekend.

Dancing ginger cat
The Friday Art Cat is ready to party.

If you don’t know already, I draw a lot of silly cats, like this one from October involving toilet paper, or this one with a paper bag from last March.  Recently, I’ve been busy in the studio working on a series of dancing cats. Stay tuned for more…

You can check out more at Art is Not for Sissies. Thanks!

When in doubt, add a kitty.

17 thoughts on “Your Dancing Friday Art Cat

  1. No dancing cats here but I had a cat years ago, Freeda (child of the 60’s) who would lay in front of the stereo speakers and move her tail to the music when she liked a song. She loved the oldies stations and the Everly Brothers were her favorites.

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