Q&A with Dr. Timothy Mann ,Veterinarian and Author


Since our initial interview and review of his book it’s come to our attention that he has allegedly done multiple unnecessary procedures on animals despite their owners not wishing these procedures to be completed while the animals are in his care.

As we are not able to confirm these for sure (obviously) we would ask possible clients to proceed with caution.



Hello again,

I had the privilege to talk to Dr. Timothy Mann, a well-known veterinarian in New York who has worked on big to small animals. He is also the Author of The Beautiful Aardvark: A Veterinarian’s Story in Business and the owner of the newly established Whole Health Veterinary Hospital and Dental Clinic in New York City, which takes a compassionate, integrative health approach to promoting the wellbeing of its staff, its clients and their pets. I could tell how passionate he was about our furry friends by asking him some of your questions. He has become important to New York’s Community and we wish we had him in our city because he makes sure he looks at your pet and family lifestyle to make sure he can find the right solution for your pets with natural and western medicine.

About Dr Timothy Mann

Timothy Mann, VMD, is the author and previously, Dr. Mann founded and ran the Brooklyn Cares Veterinary Clinic, a veterinary practice serving over 17,000 clients in Brooklyn, New York.  He received his undergraduate degree in environmental and political science from Hampshire College, and his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from the University Of Pennsylvania College Of Veterinary Medicine.  Additionally, he has completed advanced training at New York Veterinary Specialists and the Chi Institute. When not caring for animals at the office, Mann spends time with his wife Jessie Reagen Mann, their two young sons and their dog Ruby.

(Dr Timothy Mann was so lovely to talk to us over the phone and answer some of your questions.)

cat at vetQuestion 1:  In Holistic Practice, what kind of therapies are there?

Answer:  There is acupuncture and various herbal and glandular therapies which can be used in addition to conventional western medicine to make sure you and your best friend will be happy and healthy for a long time.  I found a fine balance to help your pet live longer and healthy.

Question 2: Are vaccines important and can pets be over vaccinated ?

Answer: Our pets need to be vaccinated but an indoor cat that never goes outside doesn’t necessary need to have rabies shots every year because they are not getting into contact with other animals. We need to find out what is best for each animal and their family needs.


Question 3: Can vaccination give your pet different symptoms one year, but the other year they didn’t have any problem?

Answer: The vet can use different manufactures of the vaccines that can give different reactions to your pet and that is why you might have some symptoms one year and not the other. Dr. Mann says he makes sure he has the best vaccine medication because he wants to insure the safest vaccines for your pet.

fb_img_1461167813389.jpgDr Timothy Mann is the author of The Beautiful Aardvark: A Veterinarian Story of creation, building and selling a successful small business. This is a amazing book for those who are interested in owning a business. He is sharing valuable information that only experienced small business owners could have.

About the Book:
Dr Timothy Mann never wanted to be a business owner, but was driven to innovate by shortcomings he saw in the field of veterinary medicine. After being denied a mortgage, he realized that entrepreneurship meant “think big”: he wrote a loan proposal for 2 million dollars and bought the building next door. Drawing inspiration from the miraculously adaptive aardvark, Dr Mann developed and used the AARDVARK principles of business success: Adaption, Audacity, Resilience, Drive, Values, Activism, Respect and Knowledge. The Beautiful Aardvark recounts these experiences while bringing their lessons to life through the vivid and touching stories of animals from Dogs to African Gazelles. Demonstrating how social values, community and compassion are vital to helping a local business grow and thrive, The Beautiful Aardvark, is a touching must-read for anyone passionate about small business management, animals and taking initiatives from the heart.


Follow the links below for your copy of Dr. Timothy Mann’s book. All proceeds from sales of The Beautiful Aardvark will go to The Whole Health Cares Fund for animal health.

Website :    www.beautifulaardvark.com

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13 thoughts on “Q&A with Dr. Timothy Mann ,Veterinarian and Author

  1. Denise Sanders says:

    Thank you for a very informative piece this week! Finding a good vet is so important. You have to have someone you can trust. Xxxxxxx

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  3. tyflowers@gmail.com says:

    Dr Timothy Mann is a con artist and should have his veterinary and FDA licenses revoked. I saw him to get my dog inspected and credentialed for a flight overseas. Dr Mann insisted on performing numerous additional tests that I specifically stated I did not want, and then charged me over $800 for the process. I have spoken to other pet owners who have had similar experiences with him, and his former practice (Brooklyn Cares) ousted him and had to rename themselves Pure Paws because he tainted their reputation so thoroughly. AWFUL VET.

    • Marc-André says:

      Hiya! Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention! We had no idea and I’ve just done a lot of research into this and indeed loads of these. 🙁

      I’ve just updated our article to include a warning as this is obviously not what we want to happen to people that read our articles.

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