How To Love Me

How To Love MeEvery cat has their own way of showing love. Some like cuddles or a lap to curl up on. Others show their love by not murdering you in your sleep – they bring you various dead creatures instead. But cats also have different ways in which they like to receive love.

Lola recently decided to give us another lesson just to make sure we remember how best to show our love to her. Actually the lesson was for my husband, as I was already up and doing things, hence being able to get these pictures of the lesson!

Lola is very fond of tummy rubs. Sometimes she likes ear rubs, or chin rubs, but on this particular day she decided to instruct husband on the best way to rub her adorable tummy.

"Move your hand this way, please!"
“Move your hand this way, please!”

As you can see above, she thoroughly instructed husband on proper hand positioning for the best possible tummy rubs.

"I hope you're paying attention, mummy. You need to know this too!"
“I hope you’re paying attention, mummy. You need to know this too!”

Of course she made sure to let husband have plenty of time to practice. She noticed me watching and had to make sure I was picking up on the theory too.

"You have done very well, daddy. Good human."
“You have done very well, daddy. Good human.”

Like any good teacher, Lola provided husband with a nice reward once he’d learned the lesson to her satisfaction. Positive reinforcement is key in teaching cats and humans alike!

"Lesson is over daddy. You may leave me to sleep now."
“Lesson is over daddy. You may leave me to sleep now.”

Once the lesson was over she dismissed husband and decided to take a nap. Teaching is very hard work, after all.


Lady Joyful

How do your cats prefer to receive love? Do they give you lessons to make sure you do it properly?

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30 thoughts on “How To Love Me

  1. I was just going to say the same, her hee… One of my cats is very particular about when and where you stroke him, and if you make a mistake you’ll know about it!!

  2. She is a beautiful cat- like a Snow White !
    Sunshine, my cat, doesn’t love any sort of affection showing, I think. But sometimes when he is hungry, he gives us head bonks, and allows us to carry him.

  3. I’m always cautious about the invitation to a tummy-rub. True, it’s a sign of great trust, But it can also be an invitation to a fun-fight, where one has claws, and the other has fingernails that aren’t up to much. As cats well know.

    1. That’s very true! My girl cat back in England (Belle) is very fond of showing her tummy for rubs, and thinks it’s a great game to latch on to the rubbing hand with all paws and her sharp little teeth. Little devil! (And she enjoys the game even more if the rubs are administered by a gentle foot.) Thanks for commenting 🙂

  4. Most cats do not like tummy rubs, according to a vet I know. So do so at your own peril. The cats are the smart ones!

    1. It’s true that a lot of cats don’t. There are some that do though! Lola is very fond of tummy rubs. Elvis is open to the idea of them, but not so much as Lola. Sampson isn’t keen. Thanks for commenting 🙂

  5. Lola is gorgeous and such a sweetie. I’ve been working with my female to accept tummy rubs. Sometimes she does and sometimes I get a “talking to” followed by a swat. I keep hoping one day she’ll be like Lola and graciously accept all efforts to rub her belly.

  6. Your beautiful white cat reminds me of my sweet, Angel kitty. When I said, “It’s time for bed!” She would jump down from the couch and “lead” me into the bedroom. She’d lie by my side and allow me to stroke her tummy before her sister cat, Latte would come into the bedroom and “demand” her place on the bed. I sure miss my Angel cat. 😇💕

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