Angel’s Eyes: Do I fit or not that is here the question…

Hi friends and followers,

I seem to have gotten myself into a bit of a pickle… would someone mind giving me a paw or hand to get out of here?


It seemed like a perfect fit – now I am not too sure about that anymore! Someone help me! 😮

On a more serious note… do your furfriends tend to get stuck in random objects too? Let us know!

Thanks for reading,

Angel’s Eyes


21 thoughts on “Angel’s Eyes: Do I fit or not that is here the question…

  1. Yes, our little Monkey tries to get herself into anything. The other day she jumped up onto the top of a shelf to get into one of the two boxes up there. But she didn’t quite fit. Not only that, she was about four feet off the ground and the box tipped over onto the floor. This did not deter her. She just tried to turn herself around, stubbornly trying to fit in a box that she just wasn’t built for! LOL

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  2. Trust you to get into a pickle!! Several years ago, Bluebell went up a very tall tree. She couldn’t get down! I had to coax her to come down backwards – with treats of course! She did eventually get down and never went up there again thank goodness!

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