Angel’s Eyes: The smart “Pretty Litter” that can detect health problems!

I’m bring back the Pretty Litter that I showed you last year at the time it was really just to raise awareness as it wasn’t available at that point. Well…. I’m happy to tell you that I have used it and it is Amazing!

20160201_085435 2Pretty Litter isn’t just pretty it is Smart and I’m not kidding! It is a kitty litter that can detect potential health problems before your kitty shows symptoms. Its is a new technology that us cats need since we can’t tell you how we are feeling.


Recently we learned about Pretty Litter™, an innovative cat litter that is designed to help you spot issues in your cat’s urine by changing color.

The super fine litter, which looks like white sand, is specially designed to monitor your cat’s health, to provide early detection for many problems, and also to be eco-friendly.

When your cat urinates in a box filled with Pretty Litter, the litter looks for problems that can range from diabetes to urinary tract infections using multiple indicators:

  • pH
  • bilirubin
  • blood

When Pretty Litter detects a problem, the litter changes color

Pretty Litter is also dust-free, odorless, and scent-free. The clumping litter is delivered to your door each month. I was pleasantly surprised how inexpensive this litter is; a 3-pound supply that lasts 30 days in a single cat household retails at $23 ($19 at its current promotional price)



This is a great way to keep your pet healthy to know what is really going on with them. I hope you all look into this great product that we have been waiting for in future pet care.

Orange or Brown: detection of bilirubin which may indicate liver issues such as bile duct obstruction (cholestasis), gallstones, liver inflammation or pancreatitis.

Red: detection of blood which may indicate Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disorder (FLUTD), Crystals (Crystalluria) or Interstitial Cystitis. In rarer cases it can also mean bladder cancer, an internal injury, poison ingestion, and/or if it’s a female cat over four months old who hasn’t been spayed, she may be in heat.

Blue: high alkaline which may indicate either FLUTD, Struvite Crystal formations or kidney issues.

Green: abnormal acidity which may indicate either FLUTD, calcium oxalate crystals, urinary blockage in males or kidney issues.

Any color other than a golden yellow or olive green may mean you need to take your cat to your local Veterinarian.

Sometimes temporary color changes can occur as a result of a new diet, changes in environment or temporary stresses that may cause a cat’s pH levels to elevate or drop. If you see a color change, observe the litter over the next 24 to 48 hours. If the color change persists, consider taking your cat to their Veterinarian for a wellness visit. Use the color changes above as a guide to point your Vet in the right direction. Only a licensed Veterinarian can diagnose any specific issue.


You can check out Pretty litter by following the links below…
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Twitter        –  @prettylitter

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34 thoughts on “Angel’s Eyes: The smart “Pretty Litter” that can detect health problems!

  1. GeorgieMoon says:

    Wow, that’s really interesting. I’ve never heard of this litter, I wonder if it’s only available in USA?

    • Angel's Eyes - Persian says:

      It really isn’t expensive at first I thought the same until I used it. 3 lbs of litter for a month and when you are scooping you only waste your scooping is the cats poop. The urine is absorbed into the litter and it disappears only the color you can see that the went. I am now using this litter.

      • niasunset says:

        I see, maybe I misread/understand too. But in any ways it is not economic for me, because whatever I try to buy from abroad it’s been expensive and problem too about money transfer, etc. But this is amazing and really will be easy for us. Thank you, Love, nia

  2. thflg says:

    This is a genius idea! I will definitely give it a try, though I don’t care for the mandatory subscription idea. On a different note: three pounds of litter lasts an entire month??? Does my Henry have to learn to poop in a teacup?

    • Angel's Eyes - Persian says:

      It is amazing and yes 3 lbs last a month. I had a lot of questions too when I tried it but now I reorder this litter because it’s fantastic. No dust the urine is absorbed into the litter you are only scooping the poop not all the litter too besides the technology of knowing if your cat is healthy.

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  4. Denise Sanders says:

    It will be great when it becomes available internationally. Thank you for a very informative review.


  5. brigitte Tolmacs says:

    I am wondering how long the color lasts? If there are miltiple pees… how can you tell. I assume having more then 1 cat & 2 boxes, I will have to stalk the guy till he pees 🙂 Does the color disappear or will it be a rainbow in the cat box? I ordered mine & am still waiting- no confirm email nor tracking #- even ebay sends a tracking #… FYI

    • Marc-André says:

      Hi Brigitte. Thanks for your comments! We will pass these on to the company that makes the litter. As for the colour it will stay – we’ve only tested this in a single cat household and I can see how this could pose an issue in a multi cat household, however if you notice the same warning colour for an extended period of time it will at least give you an indication and means you’ll be able to “stalk” your cats to identify who needs to go to the vet which is still better than not having and early warning signs at all! 🙂

    • Angel's Eyes - Persian says:

      The color stays until you mix the litter around and the pee absorb in the litter so you really don’t loose a lot of litter when you scoop. They should send you a email to let you know it’s on its way but I didn’t get a tracking number on one of my orders but I did get a email that it was coming. It took a couple of weeks to receive it . By the way on there site has a questions and answers about the colors etc that helped me.

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