Welcome friends let me tell you about my friend Pearl & Pelcor

Come one in… and  Welcome to my home.  I would love to show you some photos of my friend Pearl and a new product by PELCOR and maybe some treats while I show you my pictures.


I like to introduce Pearl she is my human brothers dog isn’t she purrty? Now that you have met my friend Pearl she got to model and try the PELCOR dog collar. Pelcor is a brand that fashions Portuguese cork, from forests of cork oak trees, into beautifully conceived and designed accessories for everyday life, the office and travel. Striking in look, soft to the touch, sustainable, and practical, Pelcor has innovated the use of cork skin. Its merchandise comes in both natural and trendy colors, from orange to berry. Manufactured in fine Portuguese leather factories, the emphasis is on high quality and high function .

123951Here is a better view of the collar . I would definitely recommend you to go take a look on there website because the colors are gorgeous and they have matching leashes to match the collars.


You know I had to try it on before I sent it to Pearl, but Don’t tell her what I did,  it will be our secret.


And… don’t tell Pearl that I Like the collar so much because it was so soft and beautiful that I took it for spin outside on a walk too.. Shss… Our secret? Right?


If you would like to go see all the different colored Pelcor collars and leashes or just all there wonderful products they have just links below…  I know you wont be disappointed…

Website     –   www.pelcor.pt

Facebook   –   https://www.facebook.com/Pelcor/info/?tab=page_info

Thank you for coming into my home and have some treats with me. You can leave me a message and let me know what you thought. And don’t forget to sign-up to our Newsletter.


Angel’s Eyes-Persian

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