Cat Mat

Lola under the mat 1
Lola has an obsession with the doormat. I’m not sure why. Every time she gets hyper she races up to the doormat and attacks it. It’ll end up ruffled, folded, pushed out of place. It’s been clawed repeatedly and is constantly covered in white fur from where she rolls around on it.

Lola under the mat 2And of course there are the times that she decides to get under the rug. Again, I have no idea why she does it. Sometimes she’ll wrap herself up in it almost entirely. Other times she makes herself a little shelter of sorts.

Of course the result is that she ends up filthy. Doormats aren’t exactly the cleanest areas of the house, and ours certainly is good at collecting cat fluff, grit from the bottom of shoes, litter from paws… So when Lola plays around there she gets covered in it.

Sometimes, as was the case when I took these pictures, Lola ends her crazy five minutes in a bubble of calm at, on or under the mat. She relaxes, stays for a while as calm returns to her, and Lola under the mat 3then carries on. Back to life us usual.

Which, for Lola, means yelling for food!


Lady Joyful

Do your cats have funny five minutes? What do these episodes involve?



50 thoughts on “Cat Mat

  1. My cat, Jack goes outside for a couple of minutes when it’s cold and then when I open the door, he rushes back inside! He gets a wild look in his eyes and does a sideways twist with his body then races from one end of the house to the other! Good exercise for him but a good laugh for me! 😜❤️🐱

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  2. My cat used to bring me presents on the front door step to admire – that’s after I stopped him bringing them inside! Half dead mice, birds, interesting cat things he was so proud to show off. I tried rescuing them, but that just delayed the inevitable so I had to turn a blind eye to his hunting prowess.

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    1. Ah yes – that’s one of the reasons I’m glad our cats aren’t able to go outside! One of my cats back in England used to like bringing live frogs inside and just leaving them to hop around the house! Thanks for commenting 🙂

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  3. My first sister Ukkie loved the door mat. She jumped on it and the mat flew in the air. I think she believed that it was Alladin his doormat that could fly.
    Amy is road racing at night with funny noises.

    Billy The Time Cat

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  4. This reminds me of our cat, Salem. I bought a cute pad to go under their food bowls, but gave up using it because all she does is try to go under it and dumps the food all over the place! Lola is a beautiful cat, by the way!

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  5. One of my cats attacks the door stop (a round rubber job screwed to the floor). She grabs it with her front claws and kangaroo kicks it!
    She will also suddenly turn and look at you as if you’ve grown another head and go bounding away.

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  6. My cat, Merlin, used to run up and down the long hallway I had, stopping halfway to run up the door frame to the bathroom. He would do this for about five minutes, when the mood would over take him. It was fun for me to watch him. 🙂

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