Mia & Egg: Sharing time! With Wellness Cat Food

Mia and Egg were very excited to be asked to review Wellness cat food for Katzenworld. It’s new to the UK market (although the brand has been making high-quality pet food in the US since 1926), and my two girls just love to be ahead of the pack when it comes to trying new things.

Talking of packs, they just couldn’t wait to tuck in, as you can see…


Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Cat Food – Adult Salmon Recipe

We feed Mia and Egg a mix of wet and dry food (with some raw thrown in occasionally), and they’ve been eating the Wellness biscuits every day for the last few weeks.

Egg is somewhat of a dry food connoisseur (even if she does say so herself), and happily wolfs down this new food, finishing the bowl every time.


Mia’s a slower, more considered eater, and won’t always finish her dry food if she’s not in the mood, but since we’ve been feeding them the Wellness Salmon Recipe she’s cleared her bowl 100% of the time. She obviously enjoys the fishy taste (though it doesn’t smell fishy, which pleases my boyfriend when he does the morning feed!), and the handy re-sealable bag really helps to keep a nice crunchy texture (I’m always surprised at the amount of dry cat foods that don’t come in re-sealable packaging, so very pleased that the Wellness food does).

Lip-smackingly good!


From an owner’s perspective, it’s nice to read that the Wellness ethos is for natural, wholesome wellbeing for pets (they have a range of dog foods as well). While the Complete Health Natural Dry Food isn’t completely grain-free, it contains a decent percentage of salmon, the main ingredient, (30% in fact), and it contains no added wheat, corn, soy, artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives. The high levels of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids (essential for cats) included are going to be really beneficial to our cats’ skin and coats.

Mia: Hey, Egg, it’s supposed to be MY turn!


Wellness Wet Cat Foods

As well as the dry food, Mia and Egg have also tried some of the wet foods made by Wellness, shown here (Morsels Healthy Indulgence® with turkey and duck in savoury gravy and Divine Duos™ flavoured with tuna and salmon):


I’m happy to report that both of these varieties are grain-free, as well as being complete foods for cats. Even more exciting is that Egg absolutely adores both of them – and she’s very fussy when it comes to wet food. Usually she’ll only eat the type of wet food that comes in a tin with one meaty chunk in (like corned beef), she’s really not keen on pieces in gravy (like the Morsels Healthy Indulgence®) or pate (like the Divine Duos™).

In fact, I was so convinced that she wouldn’t like either of them that at first I didn’t bother offering either to her – it was only when I caught her nudging Mia out of the way to get in on the action that I thought I’d better give her a serving all to herself. With both varieties I was expecting her to eat a little bit then walk away, as she often does with wet food, but in both cases she finished her bowl.

Overall verdict?

Happy cats = happy owner! Mia and Egg had no complaints at all, and I’m really pleased to have found a different type of wet food that Egg is happy to eat. More than that, though, is the fact that the Wellness foods have a respectable amount of meat/fish content in them, and are definitely a high-quality option.

Wellness is still relatively new in the UK pet food market, but I think it’s going to become a well-known name among cat owners before too long.


Want to get some for your cats? Check out the UK stockist www.petsathome.com

*these individual pouches and pots are currently on offer at PAH for 7 for the price of 6

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11 thoughts on “Mia & Egg: Sharing time! With Wellness Cat Food

  1. sledpress says:

    This is the only canned food I have used for many years. For dry food I prefer Indigo Moon Solid Gold (well, the cats prefer it, and the ingredients are on a par with Wellness). Of the brands I can easily get, it’s the one that matches quality with price. I hear a lot of complimentary remarks about my cats’ coats and I think this food also supports their general health. To get any closer to a perfect diet I think you’d have to pay really luxury prices.

    • emilyfowlerwrites says:

      It’s good to hear from someone who’s been feeding it to their cats for a while about their great coat condition – it must be the omega fatty acids! 🙂

  2. Eli Pacheco says:

    It’s so easy to feed our cats and not consider what they’re eating. And there are plenty of companies who know we see no further than the price when we shop. So glad to know companies like this exist.

    • emilyfowlerwrites says:

      I agree, Eli! These days I think cat owners (and pet owners in general) are so much more aware of what’s good when it comes to nutrition, which must help influence the quality and range of foods on the market 🙂

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