Angel’s Eyes: Honeycat Cosmetics! Purrfect for Cat Lovers. :D

Well Hello my friends it’s nice to see you and share a special product by Honeycat Cosmetics.


I’m going to try to open the box so I can share with you the fantastic stuff inside… Purr… give me just a moment I’ll get it open soon promise! purr.


Ta Dom…

Look how they sprarkle and they smell good too…..


Sniff… Sniff… Mmm Smells yummy… Shame it’s for mum!


Let me see what else is in here so I can tell you about Honeycat Cosmetics. They are all natural and Smexy. They have gift sets or you can purchase each one separately. This one I received is called Sex and the Kitty” gift set. I know she’s gonna love this one. “Calypso Kitty” tropical salt scrub, “Frisky kitty bath Fizzy” rose & lemongrass (forget boring old flowers. Toss one of these baby’s into the tub, and she will have her own, private, bath bouquet). “Rub My Tummy” milk & honey body cream, and “On The Prowl” peach brandy shower gel…mmm, smells sooo good! After receiving this gift set, she’ll be one purring kitty!  But remember it’s for humans not us kitties…


Hey Mom, Do you need a cotton ball to use with your Honeycat Cosmetics?


Mom tried all of the products and she loved them. They are all natural and they have everything or anything you are looking for. If you would like there products or even give someone a gift you can go to there link below.

Website    –

Facebook  –

Twitter    –

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this review.

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Angel Eyes

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19 thoughts on “Angel’s Eyes: Honeycat Cosmetics! Purrfect for Cat Lovers. :D

  1. Denise Sanders says:

    What a wonderful review Angel!! I love you offering Mom a cotton ball in your mouth – how sweet! The products look really good as well! A good job well done!

  2. susieshy45 says:

    Hi Angel eyes, it is wonderful how careful you were with that cotton ball and didn’t swallow it or push it down your nostril like some human children might have done.
    Here’s wishing you a happy new year and lots of reviewing !

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  4. The Swiss Cats says:

    Mum loves the products just by reading the name : thank you for the great review ! Best wishes for 2016 and Happy Mew Year ! Purrs

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