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Colorado Kitty Pot is the Finest Catnip you can purchase, but the best part is that Colorado Kitty Pot is a social enterprise of Harley’s Hope Foundation, a charity that exists to ensure low and fixed income pet parents and their companion or service animals remain together when issues arise.

100% of the proceeds from the sale of Colorado Kitty Pot merchandise goes to benefit the Foundation’s three direct assistance programs – Pet Assistance Fund, Service Animal Aid Fund, and the Senior Services Project – that provide help ranging from financial assistance for major care, to resource referrals, to actual foster care for animals with people who are temporarily unable to care for them.


If you are thinking of buying some Kitty Pot for your kitties you will be helping other kitties and families and I think that is Pawsome! When you do receive you catnip it comes loose in a bag and if you are like me (Picky) and don’t like loose catnip there is other ways to have your kitty to enjoy it. The first tip is to put it in a catnip toy. You can buy catnip toys that has Velcro that opens to add fresh catnip in them like my little bear here. Sniff,, smells so good….. Purr..

I almost forgot to tell you that you get a magnet with the catnip.. Isn’t that Pawsome?


Second tip:

If you can’t go buy or find a catnip toy that you can put your new Colorado Kitty Pot in you can use a toilet paper roll or a paper towel roll and put some catnip inside of the tubes and tape it closed on the ends but poke little holes through the tubes and then let the fun begin…. Purr…


Oh my gosh, this one is my favorite , but I do love playing with the paper towel roll too… Sniff, sniff,,,  Don’t mind me,,, I’ll be right back in a minute… I just can’t stop smelling this catnip….

In the mean time here some history of the Harley’s Hope Foundation…

Harley’s Hope Foundation was created in the summer of 2010 following the loss of David and Cynthia Bullock’s dog, Harley, to cancer. The Bullocks, who took Harley through several months of chemotherapy in an effort to save her life, realized that many people don’t have the financial means to do everything they can for their companion animals. They decided to honor Harley’s memory by creating an organization to help pets and their people deal with unexpected hardships – Harley’s Hope Foundation.

Our main purpose is to ensure low income pet parents and their companion or service animals may remain together when issues arise.  The goal in doing so is to prevent at-risk animals from being surrendered or falling victim to euthanasia for treatable conditions and behaviors.
We believe that no companion or service animal should suffer needlessly, and that the bond between human and animal should be preserved and protected in the face of life’s challenges. Our foundation’s ambition is to provide a holistic and prevention-based approach to alleviate animal hardship and to establish ourselves as proactive leaders in the welfare of animals and the human lives they impact.

These are Amazing People who care……..


If you would like to order some Colorado Kitty Pot follow the links Below:

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Harley’s Hope Foundation –

Thank you for reading about them and see you again next week!

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