Angel’s Eyes: Three things to do before Winter….


It might be Fall season right now and soon the snow will be coming up on us so I better get some playtime in while the weather holds up.


First off I would sniff the flowers and plants because they will be covered in snow and if you sniffed them then you might have something frozen to your nose. Yikes!!


Second, I would roll on the ground like you have never rolled before because when the snow returns it will be so cold and besides you will get all wet from the snow. brr….


I would also grab some leaves and hug them and throw them up in the air and try to run under it while the leaves fall and let it fall on your head. If anything this will make you laugh… Purr…


Three, I would play outside as much as possible. Soak up the sunshine and watch the birds sing in the trees. When winter comes you won’t be outside for very long because it will be to cold.


I’m just saying that enjoy your last few weeks of Fall because you won’t be able to even see the green grass. So who is ready to play hide n seek with me?


Ready? I’m going to close my eyes and count and you hide and I’ll try to find you.


Ha, ha… Now you know I can’t count….


But I know how to play hide n seek without counting.. Ha, ha…

I’m just saying to enjoy your life….


Angel Eyes

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