Book Review – Cats on the Job, Starring Angel Eyes

Hello again,

For those who have seen me before, but if you don’t know me I’m Angel from Angel’s Eyes and I do product reviews for Katzenworld blog. I brought you today a special book by Lisa Rogak called Cats on the Job it’s a very special book that is close to my heart because I am a working cat too. So if you give me a few moments I would love to tell you about this book.


Let me start by saying this book as 50 fabulous felines who purr, mouse and even sing for their supper. Some are circus performers, like Tuna and her furry friends in The Amazing Acro-Cats. And some are even Politicians, like Mayor Stubbs, an orange Tabby who hold office in Talkeetna, Alaska.


The author Lisa Rogak is the bestselling author of numerous books, most recently One Big Happy Family: Heartwarming Stories of Anmimals Caring for one Another.
She lives in New Hampshire, but I don’t know where that is because I’ve never been there before besides I’m just learning to travel. Purr…


Let me read a little to you because its is exciting to read about my feline friends.
There are cats that model too and there is a famous feline model is Nesta of Nest’s Nest, and Etsy store featuring hats for cats who first became known when posting with a hat that mead her look like a lion. Did you know that by talking to your cat makes them feel better by wearing the clothes? “Cats love to be complemented,” said Iwase and Photographer. “You got to be like, “OH MY GOD, you are so CUTE, you’re the best cat EVER!! and they will actually feel it and feel better about wearing the cloths. I just can’t stop reading it’s so good, but I better stop here because there s a lot to cover here.


This book is inspirational and I do recommend this to all my friend. Us working cat work hard and we take our jobs serious, but we are very proud of the jobs we do no matter what we do because we love our families and want to please them. Don’t worry we do stop for naps and belly rubs and snack time we love what we do.

So if you would like a copy of this book follow the link below, but before you go find your copy leave me a comment and let me know what you thought. I would love to hear from you.

Angel Eye’s-Persian

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29 thoughts on “Book Review – Cats on the Job, Starring Angel Eyes

  1. Rantasalot says:

    Oletpa sinä hieno kissa, kaunis ja taitavakin. Loistava kirjaesittely. This text is for you in finnish, maybe you like it ans start to learn it. I know that our own language is, of course, international,

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  3. Flash The Therapy Cat says:

    Hello, I’m in the book under therapy cat. I bring people comfort and joy by visiting with them. Also being cute is a tuff job but someone has to do it. Thanks, for liking the book, Lisa did a awesome job on it.

  4. Karen Boutilier says:

    wonderful job of presenting the book Angel I love hearing about cats that do work and have jobs. you are greatfor this position of new products. It sounds like a very interesting book. I read a lot, I love to read especially about cats.

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