Up and Coming New Product – Pretty Litter starting Angel’s Eyes

Hello everyone,

It’s very nice to see you again. I have something very special to share with you. It’s so special that it’s a quite a big secret.

Let me make sure no one is around so I can tell you the big secret..
Is anyone under there? Meow….Hello??? Whewww,, I think its clear…


Now that I’m in a quieter spot I can definitely tell you about a Kitty litter that is so special that when your cat acts sick, they are likely in pain. We help you catch potential illness before it develops. Through color-changing litter, Pretty Litter™ catches certain issues early before you see them in your cat.


Here’s a picture of the Litter what it will do when your cat uses this litter.


Pretty Litter helps you catch potential illness early and has advanced odor control, is scoopable, flushable, dust-free, feline-safe, and eco-friendly. We help detect the most common health issues in your cat, all through your cat’s litter.

The average cat owner spends a total of $20 on two 10-pound bags of litter each month. Pretty Litter costs less than supermarket litter at just 3 pounds per bag.
They are have a Pre-order Special and Free Shipping.
Pre-Order Special Prices Through 10/31/2015. First Shipment Sends December 10th
You can follow the links below to Pre-order I ordered mine and will see it in December. I’m very excited to try this Pretty Litter and when I do get my litter I will share it with you all here in December .



Angel’s Eyes followers gets another 10 % discount type PRETTYLITTERGO in promo code for preorder.

Anyway see you soon…
Angel’s Eyes

Website — http://www.prettylittercats.com/
Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/prettylittercats/info/?tab=page_info
Email — founders@prettylitter.co
Media Inquires – katie@remarkmediar.com | 513.260.2700

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43 thoughts on “Up and Coming New Product – Pretty Litter starting Angel’s Eyes

  1. franhunne4u says:

    Interesting! Though shipping to Germany is too expensive (a simple book already costs a fortune!) But in a little while they might even sell it here in Germany …

    • Angel's Eyes - Persian says:

      Thank you. Angel started to wear outfits by wearing a harness coat because of the cold winters and she loves to go outside but only with someone not alone. It’s a process to get them to wear clothes I’ll try to get a story together to explain how to.

  2. dannyd80 says:

    For all of Angel’s followers, if you type in ‘PrettyLitterGo’ in the discount code when ordering you’ll get an additional 10% off your Pretty Litter!

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  4. Karen Boutilier says:

    Sounds like a wonderful product. Angel is so beautiful n her dress and bow.I want to thank you and Angel for bringing us these new and amazing new products.She is purrfect for being a cat spokesperson. Love you.

  5. The Canadian Cats says:

    Wow! We love this idea but don’t think its available in Canada. When you find out your cat’s urine is too acidy….what does this mean? Do you have to run to a vet all the time?


  6. Gussy says:

    What a great idea Angel. However it might take a while before we see it here in Australia. Keep up the great work. Luv Gussy xxx

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