UK Competition & Review: Poopy Cat – Convenient litter boxes

A Convenient Life

As a busy Londoner I often struggle to address the balance between frugal living and convenience. I more than most of my London friends know that doing things like a large shop; making food in bulk and freezing it; preparing my own lunches; blending my own frappes; doing my own sewing, DIY and housework is the way to sail through a plentiful life on a budget. However sometimes (especially on hangover days) I find myself paying more for the convenience factor.

Take cheap wine. It’s all cheap, it’s all just barely drinkable – but at the ripe old age of 27, paying half my salary in rent and house sharing in London I still find myself trapped in the budget wine category. I know if I buy three bottles of wine for a tenner in my monthly Asda shop online, it is the cheapest option to take to a party. However if I am walking home on a particularly miserable evening and see a ‘half price’ £5.99 bottle of merlot beckoning to me through the window in Sainsbury’s I often ‘waste’ money and splurge for an easy life.


Poopy Cat
When asked to review Poopy Cats disposable litter boxes I jumped at the chance. A way to deal with poop and no mess, yes please! Though at £259.87 per year – I knew the product would have to blow my socks off to be worth the extra expenditure.


I trialled this box at the time I needed it most – when travelling to Newcastle with my cat Dexter. He’s a fabulous travelling companion and not frightened of trains at all (though I can’t say the same about the London underground!)

At my parents house where we have converted the attic into a guest room / cat heaven combo. Filled with a zillion cat toys, warm heaters (and an electric blanket on the bed for extra basking) long wooden beams for climbing and best of all the companionship of me at nights, the attic makes a much better option than the cattery.


I set the box up, and was actually surprised by how heavy and sturdy it was, with enough space for Dexter to do his thing – as he likes to twirl around a hundred times before doing the business – space is a necessity in a litter tray.

A single order of four boxes (lasting four weeks) costs £29.95 and a subscription of four boxes per for weeks costs £24.95 – so the product certainly isn’t one for austerity but certainly one of convenience.
Verdict: 10/10 for concept and hygiene 4/10 for value


It even comes with disposable litter shovels so no need to wash your plastic shovel all the time!


To make things fun they give you different colours of the litterboxes

Video of how it works:

Now for the giveaway! One lucky winner will receive a set of 4 boxes and a runner-up will receive a £10 voucher.

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UK entries only for this one and you can enter here. Entries will be allowed until Tuesday 6th of October.



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