Spring fun with Angel Eyes

When its hot and humid outside and you don’t have anything to do. I have a great game for you! Purr…. You don’t have to have a Spring Toy you can use another toy that you like to bat on the floor.

spring 2

I just happen to have this fun spring that I have been playing with on the floor that I used for this game.

spring 3

All you need is tissue paper and a toy that will not be to big or to small to hide. To start the game have your mom or dad hide the toy under the tissue paper then you get to go seek for your toy. Purr….

spring 5

I even use my mouth to lift the tissue paper to see where the toy went when I get tired of looking.. Ha,Ha!!

spring 4

I’m sure you can find a different way to play this game or even make your own game. Purr…


Just remember to always have fun and it’s great exercise for indoor kitties that don’t get much exercise. If you have any fun games that you would like to share with me I would love to hear them. Just leave a comment on here so I can have mom read them for me.
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29 thoughts on “Spring fun with Angel Eyes

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  2. New Journey says:

    Have you ever put open brown bags down on the floor…ny daughter has 2 big cats and she couldn’t believe how they would run across the floor into the bags and then slide to a stop, over and over again….I love your post, it makes me smile every time I see your beautiful felines…

  3. lawjic says:

    I can NEVER get enough of Angel. Angel just LIVES LIFE OUT LOUD and has so much fun while doing it! Keep purring, playing and SMILING as you make others SMILE. And, you are also a BEAUTY!

  4. Linda Arthur Tejera says:

    What a gorgeous ball of fluff! I bought these springs thinking that at least a few of my brood of seven would play with them. I do think I’ll try the tissue paper. Maybe that’s the difference! 😀

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