Cheshire & Wain Collar Review starring Angel’s Eyes

Hello again,

Angel here to tell you about my new collar I got from Cheshire & Wain. But let me get out these bushes so I can show you my new collar that is really special to me and I think you should think about getting one too.

collar 2

Here is my new collar from my friend Cheshire & Wain the color is called Ghost (silver) and it has a cute little bell on it that jingles when I walk. It’s a Limited Edition – this luxury collar is made from very special, embossed silver leather, burgundy suede lining and matching silver-colored hardware. All Cheshire & Wain collars incorporate a secondary breakaway clip for your cat’s safety and your peace of mind. I’m going to put my chin down now so I can talk to you. Purr…


This collar is very special to me because it makes me feel like a movie star besides it’s light weight my other collars were so heavy and pulled my hair and I have some hair to pull. This one doesn’t pull or get tangled in the collar or anything it just makes me feel like a girl with purpose. Purr… They come in different colors too and they do sale to USA now too..

collar 4

Here is another look at my new collar if you missed me raising my chin up in the air for you to see it..

This is just one of many colors they have but I wanted you to see a close up of this one. High quality ‘quick-release’ cat collars – made in London. They have Organic catnip toys and Brass skull charms all by Sonja Farrell so follow the links below to go get yours too..

Website –
Facebook –
Twitter –


Before I let you go here is my catnip toy Sonja sent me for my first Birthday and I still love to play with it. So go take a peek at Cheshire & Wain website or following them on Facebook you will be pleasantly surprised!

See you soon,

Angel’s Eyes

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17 thoughts on “Cheshire & Wain Collar Review starring Angel’s Eyes

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  2. James Frum says:

    Seeing this and the attention detail makes me miss my cat dearly…Tuesday was a real sorrowful day and Monday all I did was think about Tuesday. The rest of the week all I did was think many times/day…many many times …enjoy your collar

    • Angel's Eyes - Persian says:

      James I’m so sorry. I totally understand. I also lost my other cat she was 21 years old and it very hard they are family and the love we put into them and give back to us is priceless. I’m happy you enjoyed Angel she is very special and very funny too.

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