Peach Pillow Bed project is live on ?#?Kickstarter with Angel’s Eyes

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Hello, I’m Angel and I want to share with you a new product from Peach Industries. I’m so excited about this new pillow bed that I don’t want to take my eyes off of it, but I do need to tell you about the #Kickstarter project that Peach Industries are having.

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Peach Pillow Bed project is live on ?#?Kickstarter?! They have some fantastic early bird rewards available! Plus a very cool opportunity to help shelter pets for just $1 grin emoticon. It’s running for 12 more days. They are beautifully made with 12 different colors and in four sizes to fit any dog or cat, from kittens and teacup pups to Great Danes and Newfies.
•Thoughtful, functional design
•Top quality materials and construction
•Machine washable cover
•Made and sourced in the USA
•Self-contained, channeled insert
•Environmentally friendly RPET fiberfill made from recycled plastic bottles
But also a zipper to clean the pillows when we get them dirty with our paws..

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I’m telling you all this so you can go take a peek because Peach Industries needs everyone’s help to be able to expand their business. You know we all sometimes need help just like my dad who is about to go through a big surgery and I bet you are wondering why I’m laying on my pillow with bag on top of it? Well, We are getting ready to take dad to the hospital in a couple of weeks and we have to pack and I don’t want them to forget to pack my pillow.

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I really do love my new pillow from Peach Industries so much that I think I’m going to stay here until I know for sure it gets pack with my toys so I will have a bed to sleep on while we wait for dad to get better.

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I’ll just nap while you go visit the #Kickstarter project and read all about it and see how beautiful their bed sare. All I know they are so soft that mom and dad want to lay on mine , but believe me I don’t share my bed with them. I’m sharing their website with you so you can go get your own bed too. Follow the Links below….

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Website –
Facebook –
#Kickstarter –

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7 thoughts on “Peach Pillow Bed project is live on ?#?Kickstarter with Angel’s Eyes

    • Angel's Eyes - Persian says:

      Thank you so much! It’s going to be very scary he having his pancreas and spleen remove because it not working properly from having cancer. By the way Angel has 2 new tshirts out a cartoon of her on her page Angel’s Eyes – Persian on Facebook and Katzenworld blog you have to go take a peek it really capture her personality.

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