Angel’s Eyes: Me and the Grape

angel at the counter

I know you are wondering why I’m sitting here at the counter. Dad is making him something to eat, but I’ve never seen what he is getting himself and that is what interested me.

angel looking at the grape

Dad saw me watching him with patience and he decided to roll one over to me. He explained I can’t eat this (Note: Grapes are poisonous to cats – so be careful when your cat plays with one!!!) ,but I can play with it. Purr,,, not sure what to think and I’m a little nervous to touch it..

Angel looking at dad

Dad explained that this is very good for his body to eat, but not good for kitties to eat. He said just think of the grape as a ball but don’t put it in my mouth or eat it.

playing with the grape

I started to touch it and roll it around the counter. It was cold and soft to the touch.

smelling the grape

I wanted to smell the grape, but it didn’t have a smell to me just like a ball so this was fantastic!

grape went on the floor
Purr,,, well it is like playing with a ball because it rolled right off the counter and it even bounced. Oh my gosh, this grape is Pawsome…

another grape

After it hit the floor I just asked dad for another one because he had at least 50 of them. This is better then playing with a real ball. I’m loving this grape thing. Really, it’s nothing I’ve ever seen before.

sitting at the counter

Don’t be afraid to try new things because you could be surprise of what you find in new things.
I can tell you that having a new adventure everyday really is magical. You can learn new things. I learned if I can’t find my ball I can always grab a grape to play with, but I can say it made me smile and purr too..

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40 thoughts on “Angel’s Eyes: Me and the Grape

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      • heimdalco says:

        I do a local television talk show in Lynchburg, VA … “Lynchburg Live.” Our show was just invited to tour the new Humane Society shelter that will be opening the end of February, so we were the first in the area to see the new facility & share it on my show.

        There are so many innovations, special cat rooms, a large screened patio area for cats with bird feeders outside the screens so the cats will be entertained & also get some fresh air. Many, many innovations in animal care. The cats are not just stuck in cages. It’s a WONDERFUL facility. Here is the link to the show in case you are interested in watching.


  2. lawjic says:


    It may be very cute, and it is, but CATS ARE DEATHLY ALLERGIC TO GRAPES and raisins. Just ONE grape can KILL your cat and sent it into irreversible renal failure. If you love your CATS, you WILL kill them if you feed them grapes. Get toys or other food. PLEASE NO GRAPES FOR CATS. They are 100% TOXIC TO CATS. I really thought most cat owners know this fact. Please don’t allow your cat to DIE over one GRAPE. IT IS SO NOT WORTH IT. PLEASE ASK ANY VETERINARIAN. They will confirm cat CANNOT tolerate grapes. This is URGENT and not a joke.

    Marc, please add URGENT new comments to ALL the places you posted this, for the sake of the lives of cats. Can you imagine how you will feel if people think its OKAY to feed cats grapes when they are TOXIC and then it KILLS THE CATS? Please do not let this happen.

    Deadly Serious on this,
    ~Sheryl aka lawjic

  3. sarledge1 says:

    Love it! She is so expressive in her body language and her face! Just love your narratives. We know that she would never be allowed to eat the grape….and know that you are great, loving, protective parents to this wonderful little girl.

    • Angel's Eyes - Persian says:

      Thank you. She never even trys amy people food so there was no worries about her putting the grape in her mouth. She is very special and just loves to play with anything as long as someone is playing with her.

    • Angel's Eyes - Persian says:

      Thank you. She never even trys amy people food so there was no worries about her putting the grape in her mouth. She is very special and just loves to play with anything as long as someone is playing with her. Angel won’t even try any kind of people food.

  4. hairballexpress says:

    Glad you’re having fun with that grape thingie – be sure to put it someplace special when you’re done playing with it (to show appreciation to your human). The bed would be a great place!

  5. Gussy Bertram says:

    Hey Angel, you izz always so inquisitive aren’t you? Izz would not go anywhere near a grape. For me it has to have wings or paws….. but mumma won’t let me have those! MOL! Gussy

  6. billythetimecat says:

    Hello Sweet Angel Eyes, you look fluffy again! Now mom doesn’t allow me touch grapes because she know i’m that kind of idiotic cat that would eat the grape. For me only save food 😉

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