Angel’s Eyes: Cat’s Yoga

I think it’s very important to get exercise whenever you can especially being a cat! I would like to tell you that I exercise daily. I run and play ball but I love to do Yoga.

yoga 2

I can teach you my yoga moves if you would like, but I will have to show you instead of telling you because I’m a very quiet kitty. I don’t Meow ,but I do make a noise that sounds like I’m singing.

yoga 3

The Yoga stretches can be done anywhere.. So don’t worry if you don’t have a gym because as you can see I do it on my lounger and on the bedroom floor.

yoga 4

All you have to remember is to have fun with it. You can lift your legs and strengthen them and stretches to get big and strong. Exercise can be fun even playing with a toy with your family can be your exercise so don’t think you have to do yoga. I recommend to go chase a bug or a mouse or even a toy like the Neko Flies they are great exercise.

Yoga 5

I do recommend that a nap afterward because it will make you very tired and rest is also important to being healthy with a balance diet. If you need some help with your yoga I can definitely help you with it if you would like ,but  now that I have finished my yoga it’s time for me to take a nap… But I’ll be back when I wake up. Then we can play,,,,  Remember exercising make’s you happy, healthy and well rounded kitty…



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34 thoughts on “Angel’s Eyes: Cat’s Yoga

  1. Wendy Kate says:

    My lovely Purdita, who sadly died last year, used to do yoga with me! She would come running when she heard the mat being rolled out and then she would stretch underneath me, particularly liked ‘down dog’ which I am sure should be ‘down cat’ position….

  2. Carol says:

    I think it’s GREAT that you exercise, Angel! I tried to implement a fun exercise program at my house, but it was a total bust. Good luck with your yoga. Maybe I’ll give that a go myself!

  3. coffeegrounded says:

    Angel, we three cats do lap runs, generally with the Labrador. Sometimes we all have to go to time out. We break things, knocking them as we jump. We think the dog is really the culprit. She isn’t as agile, and when she flys over the couch and knocks those pictures off the sofa table we all of hide. Guess who NEVER gets in trouble? Yep, THAT dog!

  4. Ben Herman: In My Not So Humble Opinion says:

    Angel would make a great yoga instructor. I bet she could probably get a job at the local fitness club if she really wanted to. She could teach classes and also work as their pest control specialist, making sure no annoying mousies sneak in to scare the people who are working out 🙂

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