Angel’s Eyes: Watching the neighbors……

I’m sorry I haven’t been around ,but I’ve been a little busy. I have been watching the neighbors. I know what you are thinking , but you can’t judge me until you have heard my story.

cat 4

Okay, I’ll tell you the story, but you have to promise not to judge me.. Okay here it goes… I was sitting on the bench and of course watching out the window at the neighbors. . You know what kind of thing your neighbors are doing. My neighbors are getting there mail and getting in and out of their cars or shoveling snow or something like that..

telling her story

Well, A Huge, Big dog comes in my yard and it was sniffing around outside where I play and I was getting very angry about this because you will not believe what that big dog did? He pee all over mom’s rose bushes! I started to Meowing, trying to get mom or someone to hear me, then I got Louder MEOW! This big dog heard me and even saw me through the door.

Getting mad at the dog

Well, The dog looked at me as I was calling for mom or someone to get this dog out of my yard and Oh my gosh, you will never believe it what I’m about to tell you but it is the truth. This bunny rabbit I’ve been seeing running around my yard hopped straight over to this big dog as fast as he could and scared the dog out of my yard..

cat 1

This rabbit is now my friend and I won’t ever chase this rabbit again. This dog now never comes into my yard because my friend the rabbit is always looking around the corner just a hop away keeping that big dog out of my play area.

watching the rabbit

Me and this rabbit have a understanding now and friends forever I just watch him through the window now and say hello.. So don’t judge anyone because they may surprise you one day.

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Angel has a big personality with a big heart. She was born September 24, 2013 in Chicago. She is very smart and learns anything by showing her once. She has won 12 photos contest and also has done advertising for pet tags for A Pets Life. She will play with any toy and would make a great product tester for toys.


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52 thoughts on “Angel’s Eyes: Watching the neighbors……

  1. That was very brave… maybe that was Roger Rabbit? Great that you have such a rabbit-guard on your side now… and I promise NOT to pee on your mom’s rose bushes when I visit your area :o)

  2. You are a wise cat with a brave friend. Share life, be of like spirit and repay his kindness one day. As for that dog, ignore him. A dog that pee’s on rose bushes is a dog that will pee on anything. 😉

      1. Good for your mom! I hope she gave you your own workspace in her newly renovated office. I don’t know about you, but now that I’m so busy with my blog, I am in desperate need of a quiet space to work. I’ve been thinking of asking my moms for my own office, but don’t want them nosing their way into my affairs! It’s bad enough that my siblings keep hijacking my blog. Thanks and take care, Angel!

        1. I do have my own space to play right next to her desk she put my cat tree there. We just have to decorate then we are done. I hope you can get your own office I know how important it is to have a quiet place to blog.

        2. That’s easy carol. Just remote hack into a catputer and make it seem like it’s broken. The humans will ditch it and buy a new one – and you can sneak it away 😀

  3. Wow Beautiful Angel what a Awesome story Sweetheart I would never Judge u Beautiful Angel.That Big Dog peed all over Moms Rose Bushes Bad Dog Beautiful Angel.Wow the Rabbit Hopped & Scared away the Big Doggy. Now u & Mr Rabbit r the best of Friends Yipeeeee Beautiful Angel I’m so Happy Beautiful Angel that u & Mr Rabbit r the Best of Friends Now love Mandy 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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