Product Review: Jolly Moggy by Rosewood Sparkle Cat Collar Review

This collar was very well made, the material is really solid and I’m sure it’s durable enough to last a few months at least. Mao seems to find it comfortable, I’ve had no crazy meows like when we tried the flea collar. That may be because it doesnt smell though or stick to her fur =D
The novelty of it sure does make my tuxedo cat more complete right?


Overall I would give this collar a 3/5.? Points being knocked off because its a belt buckle fastener. For a more adventurous cat this can be a potential danger hazard too. For example if they were to get stuck on a tree branch, the elasticated features seems too small to actually be of any help. Its also pretty heavy compared to the metal bow at the front. So the whole thing moves as Mao moves around. ?The design has potential to reach a higher target audience, meaning the quality of material could improve and switching the material of the bow itself could be another possible feature to improve. There is always room for improvements right? =)

Product detail:
Black patent sparkle cat collar
Bow tie design featuring diamante bow
Elasticated for safety with removable bell
Perfect for christmas dress up
Buckle fastener with elastication for safety

If your interested in this product you can purchase it here on Amazon UK.

Thank you for reading!^^

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