Maoswers~~ I AM A BUMBLEBEE ~~~






New outfit?!  Buzzbuzzbuzz~~ dont I look so pretty?  =D

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30 thoughts on “Maoswers~~ I AM A BUMBLEBEE ~~~

  1. Sheryl A Weinstein says:

    Please do not dress up the cats! From my experience they HATE it. They are not going trick or treating and they don’t wear costume, even if its a bumble bee. I am not feeling ALL that sorry for you kitty, however, because THEY get so much good stuff to eat and play with ALL the time. It won’t kill the cat (or hurt it) if you wanted to try on the costume. But, I am guessing Oliver HATED it and fought you all the way. Am I right? Or, did he simply allow you to dress him up. I (personally) am against dressing up CATS.

    • Sheryl A Weinstein says:

      It does appear I am in the MINORITY HERE, and I looked at Oliver and he looks happy!! So, maybe he is used to the costumes and I KNOW he is used to all the most positive attention! Oliver and Nubia are cats who are worshipped, as it SHOULD BEEEEEEE! :-)))

      • YuKi~~ says:

        Haha, this is actually Mao, Oliver hated the bumblebee outfit. This is in fact the first time we have attempted costumes! Please look forward to more in the future~

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