Mao & Snowball’s car adventures!


Because our owners have two different homes,  we travel for 10mins in the car every so often.  We get to see all kinds of new things,  and get to visit Nubia and Oli from time to time! ^^


Last time we travelled in the car it was super hot!  So we wore harnesses. The carrier would’ve felt so suffocating!  As you can see I’m dying in the heat!  Mao tried to comfort me,  but then she got OCD and started cleaning me.  =( Our human straps us onto their seatbelts,  and makes sure we’re sitting at all times. If we try moving around we get told off and get forced to sit on their laps…  Super forced cuddles in the heat!!  ><“ Sometimes we get to sit on their laps and get a nice view out the window too!  SO MANY PIGEONS!!


This is our first time in a petrol station!!  It smelt so weird! There was also a clicky number thing spinning around,  i couldnt keep my eyes off it.


And here is a photo of us very calm.  Its nice going out for adventures^^  We made many pit stops that day and got water and treats!  And many strokes^^ was a good day.

Hope you enjoyed our post!

<3 BOSS CAT Snowball

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35 thoughts on “Mao & Snowball’s car adventures!

    • YuKi~~ says:

      Problem is this is a two man job! Someone has to keep them under control and safe! No sniffing around the car when we’re on the move =P

  1. K. Caffee says:

    I miss the days when I could safely do this. My current furry children panic when I take them anywhere, so have to ride in carriers. I just make sure to keep the air up on high and pointed at them, even if it does manage to freeze me out.

  2. Karen B says:

    I know that I love all cats, but Mao and Snowball are ADORABLE! What sweet little faces. I think you should put together the very best photos and publish a book. I have bought many such books in the past and look at them often. I love the red harness. How cute is that?! Red is so good on black and white cats.
    How can anyone not be happy when looking at such lovely cats?
    Thank you, Karen.

    • YuKi~~ says:

      Thank you so much for this! AND YES, WE HAVE THOUGHT OF MAKING A PHOTOBOOK! We want to have a bigger collection of photos before publishing though, some from all seasons I suppose =) Please look forward to our future releases^^ And I must agree, red looks amazing on red and white cats! Infact, most of their things are red or green… May have gone overboard =P

        • YuKi~~ says:

          It happens when we dont have the time to poke them during the day so they sleep too much…. When night falls they have WAY TOO MUCH ENERGY! XD

          • YuKi~~ says:

            Haha xD full moon usually means snowballs going to comback hurt somehow, its battle time! XD… Which is why hes healing in a flat right now =P…

          • fozziemum says:

            Oh no..just mild smacky paws all round here..the odd hiss an occasional smack on a dogs head from the table top..usually curtain climbing..followed by the boots getting bashed up..the couch gouged…the restless stomping of feet…keep threatening to put them in day care every full moon hahaahah 🙂 Poor Snowball…..:(

          • YuKi~~ says:

            Lolll, sounds… “Fun”? I’m sure it’ll continue even if you prefer t them in day care for that day, or they come back very upset… And get all I’VE MISSED YOU! WHERE DID YOU GO?! XD We’ve witnessed him causing trouble so he doesnt get” poor snowball” from us anymore, its you melon head! Dont go after a pack of foxes for gods sake! XD

          • fozziemum says:

            Hahaaaahhhaah yes there is a melon head in every family…..and indeed we get the stink eye and revenge spraying if we go away sometimes so no it would not work…but peace…for five minutes haahahaaha 🙂

  3. Pawcific Purrsea says:

    Awwwwe…furever furiends…You 2 are priceless. When I was kitten I traveled in the van on a road trip and it was fun. I had a carrier but was let out and had the best time learning how my claws worked as I clung to the upholstery especially on high velocity corner turning… mol =^,,^=

  4. Jeanne Melanson says:

    Ah, what a fun post! I wish my cat travelled well, but she doesn’t. She’s 16 years old now, so I don’t push the issue. She’s entitled to her own opinion. 🙂 I do, however, travel with my Bearded Dragon lizard, but that’s another story. Thanks for sharing! Beautiful catz.

  5. Dennis the Vizsla says:

    hello mao and snowball its dennis the vizsla dog hay yoo ar verry brayv kitties to ride in the car!!! my sister trouble the kitty hayted it and sed it wuz the sekund wurst thing in the wurld after gitting a bath!!! ok bye

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