Welcome to Air MAOSWERS!

Miss Mao,  your flight attendant for the day =D

We serve only the most premium le cuisine crunchies,  with a side of rich liquid salmon and a bowl of creamy deli~~~cious cat milk~~
And everything is guaranteed to contain some extra cat hair for richness and purrfection~~


Your exit is HERE <====== * stares hard  at door*


Your safety packs are YOUR PAWS,  please remember to land on all four.  We do not cover any head injuries.

Now please sit back and enjoy the rest of your flight~~

Thank you for flying with Air Maoswers~~

8 thoughts on “Welcome to Air MAOSWERS!

  1. Taking a cat on an airplane is an interesting concept. I have been on a thousand mile road trip with a cat passenger, but never an airplane with a cat. I did not know the airplane cat food was better than the people food!

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