Mews: Maru and Hana have a new toy!

We think it looks fun! 🙂

Don’t tell your furry friends, they may decide it’s cute enough to be added to their wishlist! Shh! 😉

Source: mugumogu via YouTube


I’m Laura – 24 years old, currently living in Matsuyama, Japan and living the high life of a single lady with plenty of money to spend on games, and delicious foods!
I really really like eating and drinking, and will be sharing my culinary and technological adventures/musings with you via my WordPress blog here. 🙂
I hope you enjoy!

14 thoughts on “Mews: Maru and Hana have a new toy!

  1. I love animals of every kind but I do love cats.I have one who continually talking. would be nice If I knew what he was saying. I really enjoy the pleasure of yourself and others boosting my day.

    1. Oh! I never thought about toys for turtles o.o I used to have a terrapin long long time ago (Inherited her from my aunt) She died from old age at some point. I wonder if they would enjoy teasers like cats? At least mine almost snapped of my fingers once in a while LOL

  2. Maru, Maru,Maru! His videos and box antics are such a hit with our cat-loving family……Great new toy he has now! With Maru, I don’t think Hana stands a chance with the new scratching post!! Thanks for sharing the video! 🙂

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