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Chat Room (French for Cat) – Rats

Gee, Flloyd, so the Moon himself comes from Switzerland! “Yeah, Astronuts shuffle up to the [...]

Chat Room (French for Cat) – Yellow Bellied Sap Sucker Soubise

My kitten would like the Chickadee Fricasee, Kitty-Sized Service, & I would like to order [...]

Chat Room (French for Cat) – Octapussycat

I’m very sorry, but we don’t serve those here. No catsup, No catfish & No [...]


Chat Room (French for Cat) – Cat Dreams

What do your cats dream about? 🙂 [...]

Chat Room (French for Cat) – Swattin’

Naw, I ain’t naw Memba of de meowfeeya. I am on da pawleece Swat Team. [...]

Fun Facts with Alfie & Brutus: Whiskers Sensitivity and Airflow

Un oh, it looks as though Brutus may not have fully grasped this cat fact. [...]


Adventures of the Katzenworld Cats: Grumpy Uncle Rennie and the Arrival of Freya

Hi everyone, This cartoon really is a little overdue but as many of you know [...]