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MAO~SWERS! The ninja…

Stealthy like a boss. [...]

Random picture: Nubia Camouflage

Got home to Nubia thinking she is a chameleon and needs to blend in with [...]


Oli&Nubi’s photos

These are Oliver&Nubia’s photos that I took during 3 weeks! They really like boxes and [...]

Product Review: Smilla Adult Beef Complete Cat Food

Hello everyone, It’s time for our first product review! I purchased a few trial bags [...]


MAO~SWERS! “The weathers perfect for napping today!”

The weathers perfect for napping today! [...]


MAO~SWERS! “It’s too sunny! Someone shoot the sun down!”

It’s too sunny! Someone shoot the sun down! [...]

MAO~SWERS! “I’ve lost weight!”

I’ve lost weight! =D [...]

Nubs the Editor

So Nubia decided tonight that she would like to take a more active role in [...]


MAO-SWERS doesn’t MAO look SUPER CUTE after a long work out LOL (playing with feathers) [...]

Oli and the box that was too small

So I watched this video of Maru the Japanese cat with all the funny videos [...]

Oliver & Nubia: “Cuddle” time

We sometimes may have issues with little quarrels between the two but this picture certainly [...]



Introducing Mao~ Chinese for cat, calling her maomao just became a habit and sounds cute [...]

Both of our kitties after a round of laser pointer chasing!

Apparently nothing is better than one of those laser pointers to tire out mischievous lil [...]