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Transporting the Orientals to Madeira

Jaz Chappell Twitter @Jazchapp Cats and their servants in Madeira 16 February 2018 Transporting the Orientals to Madeira A little ...
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Friday Art Cat: Freya the Graceful Furry Goddess

Freya the Graceful Furry Goddess Hello, this is Nadia again. After drawing for Renegade, I could not have times to ...
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Food “Hunting” Fun with Oliver & Renegade

Hi everyone, It's me Oliver here today and it's my turn to try out new food that the humans sourced ...
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Purrsday Poetry – Favorite Blanket

Hi everyone, Please find below the latest entry in the Purrsday Poetry series by Rasma. The day had been sunny, ...
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More Cats in the sun

I wasn't going to write another blog post about our cats sunning themselves, but with weeks of temperatures about average, ...
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Fun Facts with Alfie & Brutus: Cats & Heights

Brace yourselves for another dubious cat fact. Actually, we reckon Brutus has got a point with this one. All the ...
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How it all began #MyPetStory

Hi everyone, Today we'd like to invite you all to share a story about your pet! How did your pet ...
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Cool Cats – Preventing Cats Overheating in the Heatwave

Cool Cats – Preventing Cats Overheating in the Heatwave A quick trawl of the internet brings up plenty of news ...
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Happy #TRT – Tummy Rub Tuesday (Week 211)

Hello everyone, Welcome to another week of Tummy Rub Tuesday! Oh, and if you haven't subscribed to our newsletter yet, ...
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Book Mews: Community Cats

Hi everyone, The below post is a guest entry by a friend of one of our contributors who asked us ...
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