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The Finding of a Therapy Cat: a series about Tinkerbelle, Registered Pet Partner Therapy Cat (retired) and our journey together ...
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FERAL: The Battle over Hawaii’s Cats (2018 ) [Documentary Trailer]

Hi everyone at Katzenworld, I wanted to share the extended trailer for my upcoming documentary, FERAL: the battle over Hawaii's ...
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Friday Art Cat: Monmon Cats – Kazuaki Horitomo Kitamura

FRIDAY ART CAT   Monmon Cats : Kazuaki Horitomo Kitamura   I was so interested to see the Monmon Cats ...
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Renegade: A new Playground!

Hi everyone, It's me Rennie here today! We got a box with a new piece of cat furniture the other ...
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Purrsday Poetry: OLD MAU

OLD MAU, a cat poem by Mollie Hunt The universe takes notice when Old Mau passes by. Venerable at twenty-one, ...
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Dirk Playing Cat and Mouse

By now you all know Dirk loves toys he can kick vigorously! He likes to chase toys too – the ...
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Fun Facts with Alfie & Brutus: A unique Nose?

Here's an interesting fact we didn't know. Poor Brutus, squishy or not, we love his nose! ...
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Preventing the Preventable – Importance of Vaccinations

Preventing the Preventable Importance of vaccinating pets against deadly diseases Millions of family pets are at risk from killer diseases ...
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Cats Protection brings a feline touch to this year’s DogFest in the UK

Cats Protection brings a feline touch to this year’s DogFest  Pet lovers will be able to find out how cats and ...
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Happy #TRT – Tummy Rub Tuesday (Week 203)

Hello everyone, Welcome to another week of Tummy Rub Tuesday! Oh, and if you haven't subscribed to our newsletter yet, ...
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