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The Wet Food Hustle

Written by Freeda Katlo Hus’-tle verb - To obtain by forceful action or persuasion. noun - A swindle. Normally I ...
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Meow Long and Prosper! Star Trek Cats are Coming to Planet Earth

Hi everyone, It's not often that we get this excited about a new book and merchandise release. But those of ...
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Happy #TRT – Tummy Rub Tuesday (Week 195)

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Nubia: Renegade isn’t Eating? What are we Going to do!

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Rescue Cats Make Good Pets Too

This post is also available in German! Today we're sharing a both happy and sad story from Annie who lives ...
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Is your cat a secret night ninja – like Fluffy?

If your cat is an intrepid explorer of the outside world regular worming is a must. Toxocara cati is the ...
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Meet Draven the Therapy Cat!

Draven was born on May 10, 2012. We adopted him as a kitten from an animal rescue called Rainbow Animal ...
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London Catfest – The UK’s answer to CatCon

Hi everyone, We are so very excited that we are going to be part of Catfest in London this year! ...
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Preparing for Filipos

A few years ago I was close friends with two ladies, Linda and Natalie, who lived in the next street ...
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Friday Art Cat: Louis Wain (1860-1939)

FRIDAY ART CAT Louis Wain (1860-1939) “Cat in a rainbow” – one of the works that appeared to show the ...
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