Fab Four Seeking Ticket to Ride After Three Years in Rescue

The quartet of cats have been overlooked by adopters time and time again

An RSPCA animal centre in Wales is launching a St David’s Day rehoming appeal for it’s longest staying cats who have collectively been in rescue for over three years.

Llew, Joker, Misty and Gizmo, who staff refer to as the ‘Fab Four’ after The Beatles, have spent 40 months between them at the animal welfare charity’s Llys Nini Animal Centre in Penllergaer whilst dozens of their feline friends have found forever homes.

On average it takes Llys Nini between two and three months to rehome a cat. Yet sadly, the quarter have all been at the centre three times as long, amassing 1,117 days between them.

Centre manager Gary Weeks said: “Llew, Joker, Misty and Gizmo are by far the longest staying cats we have in at the moment and they are all wonderful characters which is why we often refer to them as the fab four.

“Llew and Misty are now in their twilight years, so it’s particularly sad to see them waiting for a home for so long. With older cats, people may worry about the financial investment, time and care, when in fact there are huge positives to adopting a more mature moggie; they are just as loving and playful and it can also be easier to judge their personalities, which allows you to identify if they are a fit for your home and family.

“I’d really appeal to potential adopters to look beyond the age and medical needs of these cats  and to get in touch with us to find out more about them. We’re all very fond of the fab four but  we’d like nothing more than seeing them all go off to fantastic new homes where they can flourish and be the centre of attention which is what they all deserve.”

Llew is the longest-staying of the quartet and has been at the centre since April 2021 (321 days) after being admitted as a stray.

He’s 15-years-old and will need experienced cat owners who understand his needs and personality. He will come up to you for attention, but will also let you know if he doesn’t like something.

Staff say he’s quite an independent cat who is still fairly active for his age and loves playing with toys. He’s on medication for hyperthyroidism – commonly seen in older cats – and will also need regular grooming. Find out more about Llew.

Misty is a 17-year-old senior-kitizen who is looking for a loving retirement home as the only pet to snooze and relax the day away.

She’s been at Llys Nini since June 2021 (256 days) after being rescued as a stray by an RSPCA inspector after she was found tangled up in barbed wire.

She recovered well, but sadly blood tests subsequently revealed she has renal disease which is commonly seen in cats over seven years old.

She will need regular medication and checks for this, which the centre can advise potential owners about. Find out more about Misty.

Cheeky chops Gizmo is a real character who arrived at the centre in May 2021 (276 days) after his previous owner could no longer care for him.

The three-year-old is quite a sensitive soul and loves a good fuss, but he will give you a little swipe with his paw if he gets spooked, so he will need an understanding owner who will let him settle at his own place.

Gizmo has Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) and is on medication for this, which his new owner will be able to purchase from their vet. He will also need regular checks and scans throughout his life. Find out more about Gizmo and watch a video of him.

Joker is a sweet natured cat who is very much loved by all the staff. He enjoys attention and playing with his toys and will make a loving new addition to any new family.

After he arrived in May 2021 (264 days) he needed to have a large dental procedure which caused the roof of his mouth to become ulcerated. After trying many different treatments, Joker responded well to steroids and he will need to continue taking these daily in his new home.

Joker needs a calm home which isn’t going to stress him out, so staff feel he shouldn’t live with other cats or dogs and any children in the household will need to be 10 years + Find out more about Joker.

Llys Nini’s website has more information about all of the animals currently being cared for at the centre.

To help the RSPCA continue rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming animals in desperate need of care please visit our website or call our donation line on 0300 123 8181.

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