Guest Star: Susie Boy our Beautiful Stray Cat

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Please find below a guest story from Julie:

Our world fell about during the first lockdown as we sadly had to say goodbye to our beautiful chocolate Labrador Leo of 14 years not only were we extremely sad but also our lovable stray cat Meow Meow missed him very much and were best of friends.

As the months went on at nights for some time we kept hearing a strange noise, on investigating we couldn’t see where it was coming from. You can imagine our surprise to see two little eyes staring back at us from under the porter cabin.

This beautiful tiny little cat jet black just like our other stray was so frightened and bolted so fast I thought that was the last we would see of our furry friend but night after night we would hear some cry’s and would take food out, which the little cat loved so this became a regular thing.

Being a ferrel stray and very small we decided to call the cat Susie, thinking it was a girl. It took a good seven months of hard work trying to earn Susie’s trust and one day Susie walked right up to me for a stroke.

Susie would only live outside, I’m guessing as Meow Meow lived indoors Susie didn’t won’t to step on his paws and when we once again lost Meow Meow last year from old age in walked Susie a couple of days after.

It turned out that Susie is a boy and after a couple trips to vet and lots of love he has grown into a beautiful domestic cat and has showered us in love everyday. We thank him alway for coming along and helping us through our grief. Our forever Susie boy.

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