Tips That Can Help You Become a Great Cat Owner

As a cat owner, you have introduced a wonderful new friend into the family. While cats have a self-sufficient nature unlike many other types of house pets, they still need love, attention and proper care. In return, you will have a furry friend who is sure to bring you affection, laughter and a pal for a lifetime. If you want to excel at pet ownership and give your cat the life that they deserve, here are a few tips.

Take a Proactive Approach to Health

You need to be proactive when it comes to their health. By taking preventative measures to ensure that your cat is well cared for, you can give them the best chance at a good life. Visiting your vet consistently, making sure that they have nutrient-rich food and giving them health supplements, just as you would your own eye health supplement, can help them remain healthy and happy. This gives you a chance to catch any potential health problems early on, monitor risks and health problems and establish a baseline for their health with their vet.

Pay Attention to Their Behavior

While humans can tell you when they don’t feel well, you will need to rely on your cat’s behavior to give you signals. Paying attention to how your cat acts and understanding when their behavior is off is an important part of communicating with your furry friend. If you pay close enough attention, you can use these signals and behaviors to monitor their health and happiness.

Build a Relationship With an Awesome Cat Sitter

There will be times that you inevitably need to spend time away from home. When you do need to leave your kitty, you need to ensure that they have excellent care. Establish a relationship with a local cat sitter who you can trust. Not only can this help reduce your furry friend’s tension when you are away, but this can also help you feel assured that when you leave your feline friend is in the best of hands.

Spend Plenty of Time Playing

While cats may be commonly known for their sleepy and lazy habits, it is a common misconception that they do not need playtime. Cats need entertainment and mental stimulation to stay healthy, happy and to avoid behavioral issues. If you want to ensure that your cat has the best life, don’t forget to give them plenty of time to play.

Relax and Enjoy Their Company

When your kitty is tuckered out and tired, they may want to just sit and relax with you. Spending quiet time with your cat is a great way to help them relax and unwind. Not only can you vastly benefit from their affection and the quiet time, but this can help deepen their bond with you. Keep in mind that they may also want some of their own space, so be open to whatever relaxation looks like for them.

Give Them Places to Scratch

Another natural inclination that can help your cat relieve stress is scratching. While most cat owners know that this is a risk, you should never resort to declawing. This can cause harmful and hurtful damage to your cat long-term. Instead, you can offer them plenty of places to scratch and stretch. Put various scratching posts, boards and toys around so that they can engage in their instincts without destroying your stuff.

Thoroughly Clean Their Litter Box

One of the wonders of having a cat is that your furry family member can see to their bathroom use on their own. With a litter box, your kitty can do their business and go about their day with little to no interruption from you. While they handle their business on their own, it is your job to thoroughly clean the litter box. Scooping it daily and weekly deep cleanings can help your cats stay happy and healthy, and help you avoid unpleasant odors.

As a cat owner, you need to find ways to enrich and nurture your furry friend. They will rely on you for care and quality of life, so do what you can to ensure that they live a good one. With these tips, you can give them the life they deserve.

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