Murphy the Ex-Shelter cat

Hi everyone,
In today’s guest star feature, we have a lovely little story about Murphy who was once a shelter cat and found his forever home with Anita T.:
When Murphy found me he had been at the shelter for almost two years getting along better with the other cats than the volunteers. He had been living in the woods next to his family’s house because their young daughter (who named him Muffin) was allergic to him. I’m not sure why they finally did the right thing a d dropped him off but I’m so glad they did and he waited for me to come to get him.
On the way home he sat in his carrier next to me and I knew he wasn’t really a Muffin so I asked him so what’s your real name? He looked at me like come on you know! I said I think it’s Murphy. He gave a big yawn, settled in for the ride home and that was it.
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14 thoughts on “Murphy the Ex-Shelter cat

  1. Rohvannyn says:

    I love how Murphy agreed to his new name. Sometimes cats get names they don’t like – and they’ll pick a new one. Like our Mouse. She decided she liked the Japanese version of her name better – Nezumi. And Shinji was originally named Boo-boo, but he heard us talking about someone named Shinji, and came to it. We asked him if that was his name and he meowed, and has always come to it since.

    • Marc-André says:

      When we got Oliver he was called kitty… as his actual name… needless to say that he didn’t really listen to his “name” 🤣

    • Léa says:

      It really had no effect what the human attempted to name the divas. They ignore them all and prefer to operate on telepathy. Balzac responded to his name immediately.

  2. Journeys with EileenDiane says:

    Great story … love how cats get their names and yes, they have to approve. Friends gave me a rescue cat and had called her Cali (she’s not a calico, but a tortoise shell, but …) .. I did not think that fit her & tried several different names. One night I fixed a drink with Jameson’s and said Jameson and she looked up & answered to it … LOL ..maybe she is an Irish cat!

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