9 Ways to Make Your Home a Haven for Cats!

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We have once again teamed up with our friends at the Insurance Emporium for some tips and advice! 🙂

Welcoming a cat into your home is a magical and exciting time. Your new furry friend has a whole new domain to explore and they’ll find themselves with the devoted love of a new family! Despite this being an amazing time for you and your moggie, their countless adventures in their new home could lead to one or two accidents! At The Insurance Emporium, we know it’s not your cat’s fault, so we want to help you cat-proof your home! Here’s our essential guide!

1. Scratch that, all on the floor…

Unless you want your beautiful sofa or curtains turning into a play toy, you might want to purchase your cat a scratching post and keep it accessible. This could be key if you want to keep your living room in one piece!

2. A shocking risk!

An electrical cord might be a particularly appealing toy for your cat, however it could carry serious risks. As well as electrocution, there’s a chance they might become tangled and panic. Keeping them under carpets or behind furniture might help!

3. Careful with cleaning

Most household cleaners could be toxic to your kitty, so make sure these are out of the reach of prying paws. It’s also worth doing your research on which cleaners are safe to use around the house on floors or areas where your pet frequents.

4. Keep it shut!

Cats are known to be daring animals and are said to have ‘nine lives’, however this doesn’t mean that they can’t be injured by a fall. Ensuring that you keep your windows and balconies shut could help them avoid a nasty fall and injury!

5. Dangerous drugs…

It might be the safest option to just assume that all human medication is poisonous to your cat! Keep it well out of the way of your feline, ingesting it could lead to kidney or liver failure!

6. Poisonous plants

Having a house full of colourful plants might be a great way to make your home look beautiful but they could be poisonous for your cat. Doing your research and only buying safe plants might avoid anything going awry! We can’t guarantee they won’t knock them off the windowsill though!

7. Be wary with the washing

Unfortunately, your washer and dryer can be appealing places for your cat to climb into! Keep the doors shut and check them carefully before turning them on. It is essential that make sure your cat is not in there when it’s switched on.

8. Keep your valuables away

If there is something that you don’t want damaging, odds are that kitty will find it and want to play with it! Keeping your valuables stowed away safely could avoid any accidents!

9. Get them toys! 

When you’re trying to keep your cat away from personal or household objects, the best plan could simply be to purchase them plenty of toys and leave them round the house! This way your cat shouldn’t get bored and go for things they shouldn’t!

It might be a big change for you and your cat when they move into your home but following a few careful steps should help them to settle in as safely and quickly as possible, with a minimum of destruction! You may also want to think about getting some Pet Insurance that might help cover you should something go awry. At The Insurance Emporium, their Cat Insurance policies come with a 20% Introductory Discount* and includes cover for Accidental Damage up to £800^. Head to The Insurance Emporium to see if they can cover your kitty!

*20% Introductory Discount is available for the first 12 premium payments on lunar and calendar monthly policies or one premium payment on annual policies.

^Accidental Damage covered up to £800 on Lunar Monthly Time Limited, Maximum Benefit and Lifetime Gold policies.

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4 thoughts on “9 Ways to Make Your Home a Haven for Cats!

  1. Dave Haines says:

    MARC AND ALL: Starting from kittenhood, what’s the best approach to motivate a feline companion to scratch the scratchpad, tower, or whatever instead of furniture, rugs, curtains, etc? Please send reply to: ddhaines2002@yahoo.com Thanks, – Dave

  2. terrepruitt says:

    When we first got our cats they had to be quarantined for 30 days. It was the heat of July and their room is upstairs and gets the most sun. It was so hot. We had to open the windows. Our windows are screened by we still thought since they were brand new to living here AND locked into a room they might get excited and pounce on a screen to “get” a bird or an animal in the yard. So I ordered some pop in screens as an additional precaution. They worked great because they adjust and they kind of “locked into” the window. We felt better know they could get some fresh air AND not having any chance of falling out the windows!

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