Then and Meow: Kittenhood Photography Competition Winners all Grown up

There’s nothing quite like seeing a tiny bundle of fur grow up into a bigger, more majestic bundle of fur…

Here we’re sharing the kitten to cat transformations of our ‘Kittenhood’ photography competition winners and their then and meows will melt your heart!

All of the fantastic photos of kittens below feature in our 2019 charity calendar which is now on sale to raise funds for our welfare work. To find out more and to get your paws on 12 months worth of adorable kittens, visit:

Penny/Millie photographed by Rachel Hunter, UK

Twix photographed by Viv Harding, Canada

Taco photographed by Rachel Philip, UK

Kirby and Sunny photographed by Sabine Schmidt, Germany

Galileo photographed by Claire Mowforth, UK

Nancy/Pepper McPickles photographed by Claire Mowforth, UK

Bolly photographed by John Foreman, UK

Luna photographed by Delila Maslo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

All Winner Stories:

For even more adorable kitten photos visit

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9 thoughts on “Then and Meow: Kittenhood Photography Competition Winners all Grown up

  1. Cantinker Moss says:

    I love your blog!! Almost as much as I love my cat, Sgt. Gumball. To see what he looks like, go to my blog, and look for my post—no, the mountain lion isn’t Gumball—you have to go to the end and see his picture. The title of the article is “My Little Buddy” and my blog

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